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Sar Shabd Mission, the most sacred place of worship and liberation,  was established on Friday, the 21st Day of Jan., 1972 on the auspicious occasion of Basant Mahotsav .

Its Founder- Perfect Master (Puran Sadguru) Shri Shri 108 Swami Sar Shabda Nand Ji Maharaj- (the Fourth Guru) an embodiment of Peace, Love, Happiness, Contentment, Simplicity, Foregivness, Kindness. Blessing all of us to take bathe in the ocean of Guru Bhakti.
It is evident that nature has created everyone for particular work so has also developed fondness for executing that task in him.
It is rightly said that the face is the index of mind- His beautiful appearance and eloquent voice automatically attracted every one’s heart.  Several times on listening to His spiritual satsang, the attention of devotees was withdrawn automatically and concentrating on His countenance, they would go into trance and enjoy the inner bliss.

Shri  Maharaj ji,  indeed a personality of the highest order, the sun among the saints.   He set that ideal in the world, the parallel of which is rare to find. As the importance of Guru’s ‘Naam’ is indescribable, so is His greatness.  The peculiarity of His life was to encourage and inspire the devotees and the seekers to render selfless service along with meditation. There are so many books/granths to his credit which aimed at

  • Self realization
  • Character building
  • Unconditional love towards Satguru/God
  • Selfless service to the society. 
The Guru reveals the secret of this knowledge to His able disciple. Spiritual knowledge  transfuse from one heart to another since inception. The fact is that- Guru Himself is like pares  who turns the disciple also into pares. As soon as the disciple becomes fully virtuous and worthy in every way, lye entrusts all His power to Him and Himself returns to His abode. Thus Shri Maharaj Ji (Swami Shri Sar Shabdanand Ji Maharaj) had attained the highest stage on the path of  Bhakti and had become entitled to the full blessings and the pleasure of  Shri Guru Maharaji (The second master, Shri Swami Swarupanand Ji maharaj, Shri Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan) as well as Swami Nijatamanand Ji Maharaj (The third  Guru).

Our Mission besides rendering religious services to the mankind, the other services being provided to the society since inception:-

  • Free Charitable Dispensary at all Ashrams
  • Free distribution of food for poor (daridar narayan sewa)

  Shri Maharaj Ji established various Ashrams in different parts of the Country only in compliance to the wishes of Second Guru-Shri Shri 1008 Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj.
Althoush Sar Shabd Mission came into existence in the year 1972 but the foundations of various Ashrams in the name of Shri Adwait Swarup Ashram taking shape since 1954.
  The brief pictures of Ashrams beginning has been described below :-  
S. No. Name of the City Day Date Year
1. Kanpur Ashram     1954
2. Jalandhar Ashram Friday 08th March 1955
3. Delhi Ashram Sunday 13th April 1958
4. Tibbad Ashram Wednesday 04th November  1964
5. Kaithal Ashram Saturday 02nd July  1971
After a life of incessant activity in transforming us to the eternal truth, he attained mahasamadhi on Monday the 9th day of June 1980. Though he has left his mortal frame, he had been the main source of inspiration for us to execute the mankind activities. During 1980 before his departure from this earth, he declared his successor/heir most deserving  Shri Swami Guru Sharnanand Ji Maharaj(the Fifth Guru) by way of his handwritten Will and  handed over that to his faithfull disciple Saint Sant Vichar Shabdanand Ji (Janak Bai Ji). Further more he asked us to follow the humanistic path along with the unconditional faith on Sad  Guru Shri Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan.

Worlwide extensive tour by Shri Swami Guru Sharananand Ji Maharaj in order to Spread spiritual knowledge, which is considered the highest because it is the basis of all knowledge. Scriptures declare that the person who gains spiritual knowledge attains the objective of having been born as a human being— liberation from rebirths. Unlike other living beings, which can only work out their Karma, man is given an opportunity by God to strive for his salvation. Other beings are not within the purview of the scriptures and thus follow their natural instincts while man is duty bound to follow the guidelines of the scriptures, Shri Swamiji left  to heavenly abode on 30th day of August, 2000 at Germany.

By virtue of succession to Shri Swami Guru Sharna Nand Ji  Maharaj,  Shri Swami Dharmanand Ji Maharaj, obviously to be remembered as Sadguru,sworthy of our reverence, a self-realised soul, the king of our hearts, became the sixth Successor to the spiritual throne, in order to uplift the masses spiritually. He visited each nook and corner of the country, showered love on the restless and distressed living beings in such a way that even the most common people felt relieved and gratified His loveful devotion appeared before all in an extremely attractive way. Whosoever dived in the depth of His love, felt gratified. It is beyond the scope of pen to describe fully His enchanting, bewitching and spiritually inspiring deeds.

Those were the marvelous days when  the Sar Bhagwan Ji, had come to Jalandhar Ashram for the delivering lecture on spiritualism(Satsang),  with the wishes of destiny, Bishan Daas (Swami Dharmanad Ji) reached the Ashram  with full enthusiasm.

The great souls have everlasting relations. Shri Maharaji (Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji) was delivering His spiritual discourse, when the young Lad (Swami Dharmanand Ji) arrived there. Shri Sar Maharaji, with His discerning eyes, recognised the disciple, who was destined to do colossal work in the spiritual field, The young Bishan Daas Ji (Swami Dharmanand Ji) also lost no time in discovering the Sadguru, the bestower of the inner bliss.  Shri Sadguru Dev Maharaj Ji expressed great love on getting the most precious diamond(The Sixth Guru), who had carry out extensive work of spiritualism. On the other hand the Sixth Guru also, on discovering the True Master, developed extreme love for Him and quenched the age-old thirst of His soul. According to the old tradition, He became a true disciple and earned the spiritual wealth by way of “Naam” in the year 1959, surrendered himself (mind, body and  wealth)and finally took sanyas  in the year 1970. Shri Sar Bhagwan Ji expressed his sentiments towards the Sixth Guru as ‘Dharam ki Murat.’ And Hence Named him as Swami Dharmanand.

Having ascended the spiritual throne, the Shri Swamiji widened the scope of satsanga and initiation. Since August 2000 He toured  extensively.   During this period He has been visiting every Ashrams delivering spiritual discourse monthly in every Ashrams as well as at Satsang Kendra. How fortunate were those places where the Saint  came from the ‘the Lok of God’   to sanctify them.

The Shri Swamiji has been  working day and night and fully implementing the orders of Shri Sar Bhagwan Ji and Shri Swami Guru Sharananad Ji Maharaj.  He has been fulfilling the desires of all by giving His valuable time there.

In Shri Nangli Sahib the Sar Charitable Dispensary at Akhand Dham as well as Parking & Resident Block and many other such projects are underway for the Sangat of Sadguru, and all these projects have been implemented or are being taking shape by the pious ‘Sankalpa’ of Shri Swamiji Maharaj.