"Bol Jaikara Bol Mere Shri Guru Maharaj Ki Jai.. Bolo Shri Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan Ki Jai.. Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji Maharaj Ji Ki Jai.. Bolo Shri Nijatam Bhagwan Ki Jai.. Shri Sar Bhagwan Ki Jai..!!".
  Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji  
Our Lord Dada Gurudev, the Spiritual King, Shah-A-Vilayat Shri 1008 Param Hans Dyal Shri Swami Advaita Nand Ji Maharaj born in human form on the auspicious day of Ram Navami, Sunday the  in the year 1846 A.D. or 1903 Bikrami Pukh, Nakshatra, Sukarma Yoga at Chhapra, District Saran in the State of Bihar, India, in a most reputed Pathak Brahmin Family.

Shri Tulsi Ram Ji got this privilege to be Father of this great soul. Being Born on day of Ram Navami, He was reverentially called with different names as Ram Narain, Ram Yaad and Ram Roop.
People who were present at the time of His birth realized that A Natural attractive light appeared in His home as a true  message of awakening to all who were asleep  in the darkness of attachment and surely born as our First  Preceptor (First Guru) to kindle the light of the immortal teachings of ‘Bhakti’ in humanity.
When the people insisted His father Shri Tulsi Ram Ji to celebrate the birthday, Shri Tulsi Ram ji replied, “What is the speciality in celebration at our home, when the birth of God Ram is already being celebrated throughout the universe with great zeal and enthusiasm. At that time who knows that God Himself reincarnate in the form of a Great Saint to kindle a flame of spiritual knowledge as well as  lighten the burden of the earth.
It is pertinent to note that Shri Tulsi Das Ji, was highly noble person and always render services to the mankind  and proving helping hand for the needy  people, they approach. When Dada Gurudev was just nine months old he lost his mother. Father worried about bringing Him up, so he handed over Him to his most sincere disciple Lal Narhari Parsad and his wife( whose  sole child died recently and were in deep sorrow & grief), who were considered as sadhu sevi (having enormous regard for Saints). They always shower full parental love on Him  so that the Divine Child may not miss His parents.
Once in the Spiritual discourse(Satsang), when Dada Gurudev was just eight years old, listened that mostly the Sadhus attain specific natural powers by taking a Gutka ( hard to chew) in the mouth and could fly in the air with their physical bodies. Someone in the same discourse clarified that Gutka is not needed at all but one can develop it i.e. the power to fly with one’s own strong will-power and control of one’s own breath’. To experiment He would sit, maintain His breath in such a way and think that now He would fly. Indeed , to keep the body under control was utmost difficult. He achieved this miracle after a few days of practice, He used to fly upto the roof level of the ground floor. When parents and relatives saw Him they apprised Him that such could be very harmful. His own brilliant Soul acted as guide to Him, clearly proving the super natural power was within Him since birth.The Great Souls are embodiments of all virtues and are reincarnations by birth. They do not acquire spiritual knowledge from anyone rahter come to give. They show us the path to live and work in such manner. Thus Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji, although a reincarnation Himself, presented an ideal to the people as to how to achieve the goal of self realization.
Lala Narhari Parsad Ji died when Dada Gurudev was hardly 14 years . After Lala Ji’s death, and till Lala Ji’s wife was alive, the Saint Paramhansa Kedarghat Kashiwale continued to see Him. The said Saint used to deliver spiritual teachings to Shri Swami Advaita Nand Ji very affectionately and address Him by a name Hapu Baba. Initially Dada Gurudev gained spiritual knowledge from this very Great Soul.
Once Shri Paramhansa Ji Kedarghat Kashiwale came to His house, Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji (Dada Gurudev) narrated His intention and deep desire  not  to enter a Grahasth Ashram (House Holder’s life), and wanted to be a Sadhu(saint). Shri Paramhans Ji Kedarghat Kashiwale replied “To become a Sadhu is to burden oneself with lot of duties and responsibilities. there will be no end to worries  besides all other things, the main worry is always about one’s livelihood. Therefore get married, become a good householder and serve the poor.After completing this stage you may enter the Semi Sannyas (Van-Parastha)  and then adopt full sannyas. Why do you think of becoming a Sadhu just now ? ” Dada Gurudev replied, “It is quite correct and I have no hatred for a house holder life. But whatever revealed to me that it has no significance, as attachment leads to miseries and life without spirituality is mere waste.” It also seems to me  that Nature has made my body for special purpose, thereby disclosed  divine secrets. It is obvious that  Great souls take human form to fulfil specific divine task.
Shri Paramhansa of Kedarghat remained  quiet for few moments after considering high thoughts  and then replied: “If this is your final view, then you may go ahead, but one thing  you must not forget  that Lala Narhari Parsad and his wife have brought you up like their own child, now that Lala Ji already passed away, his wife has no support except  you, so you are duty bound to serve her.  Ofcourse after her life you may act according to your wish. Dada Gurudev abide by the instruction,  meditating day & night, progressing in  inward divine journey side by side did utmost care for the mother(Lala ji’s wife) till her death.
In the year 1863 Lala Ji’s wife also breathed her last, when He was only seventeen year, After completing  her funeral and other ceremonies. He expressed His inner desire to the people around, as per instructions of His spiritual Guru. He inwardly decided that since  the Almighty, had freed Him from the responsibilities of relatives, he must not look back.
As such he started toughest divine journey alone towards  Buxar He took a bath in the sacred Ganga left all the clothes and whatever he had, now wearing only a loin cloth. To observe complete silence,  He planned to visit the most dangerous forests of Akbarpur from Buxar. On His way he also gave up the loin cloth, thus started living  naked. From Akbarpur he travelled towards thick forests and mountains where sahaj Samadhi/spiritual inner invention began and during the yogic practices it was routine that  many wild animals, such as bears, tigers, panthers and wolves etc. were seen  in that forest but He had no fear. He had only one purpose in mind i.e. renunciation. Who cares about day, night  and seasons passing away. Like Mahatma Budh and  Swami Mahavir  He bore summer, winter, raining and storms on His delicate body. He lived on fruits available in the forest otherwise had to go hungry. He never intended to beg/take anything from anybody. Once upon a day He saw His spiritual Guru in meditation, who advised Him, that moving about would be better than staying at one place. At dawn He travelled a lot and reached Dumraon Via Chaugain, Nava Nagar and Derighat.
During the period of stay in the forests for about 17 years, Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji had realised His Self through shabd yog/ sahaj sog/ surat shabd yog. The various hardships, which He experienced for seventeen years, are beyond writings/descriptions.
Company of the sadhus(saints) is blissful. They are just like  mobile pilgrimage of Prayagraj. In ‘Prayagraja’, there is a sangam(confluence) of the three rivers the Ganga, the Yamuna and the Saraswati, a similar confluence exists in Their spiritual disourse. The love for Bhakti in their teachings is like the flow of the Ganga, the spiritual knowledge imparted by them is like the Saraswati and the discrimination of right and wrong action is like the flow of Yamuna.
When Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji arrived at Betia after 16 years of spiritual journey, He thought  to stay for some time at one place and it would be better if a place outside the city where He could ease Himself freely.  On ther hand His Master/own soul advised  to move ahead towards  Dwarka. On reaching Mathura He came across a great saint who met Him very affectionately and said, “Paramhansa Ram Yaad, hearty Welcome .” He felt internal blissings and full light,  Later on Dadaguru Dev searched for that great saint at Mathura, but could not find him. One day Dada Gurudev met the same saint in dream, who said “Why do you search for me ?. We both are one.” After that saint disappeared. The thoughts of devotion and love filled His heart.
In 1884 when Dada Gurudev went to Jaipur and stayed  at the temple of Shri Jagan Nath. From where He went to the house of Lala Mahabir Prasad, who took Him to the House of Daroga Ram Chandra. On reaching Daroga’s house Dada Gurudev met Shri Swami Anandpuri Ji Maharaj. Spiritual discussion continued between them for hours. Shri Swami Anandpuri Ji at his own expressed pleasure to see such a great soul, apprised Him several ways of meditation, which Dada Gurudev already knew, but He kept quiet. Once Lala Mahabir Prasad Ji, prayed to Shri Swami Anandpuri Ji “Maharaj,Who will be next successor”, (because Shri Swami Anandpuri Ji grew 90 years of age) At this Shri Swami Ji wrote in Urdu on a piece of paper “Ram Yaad ko Mano(accept Paramhans Ram Yaad) Soon after some time Shri Swami Anandpuri Ji breathed his last, Daroga Ram Chandra and few disciples of the late  Swami Ji, put a costly Doshala ( woolen cloth) round Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji as a mark of tilak & succession. At that time property and assets worth of crores of rupees left behind by Swami Ji,  but Dada Gurudev never interested in wealth accumulation and rather   entrusted the service of Shri Swami Ji’s Ashram to  old prominent disciples, and got Himself free and said, “I have adopted Sanyas to meditate and devote Myself to the service of humanity and having  no  wish for money, a lot of wealth and property left by  my two parents  could not create obstacle in a way to spiritual journey.”
Once when shri paramhans dayal ji was delivering spiritual discourse, a faqir wearing costly and attractive dress came, Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji looking at him smiled and said, Is this the right way to dress ?”.  He affectionately took off  the  coat and cap of the faquir and made him wear a long chola (Kurta). As a result the faqir began to dance out of ecstasy. One of the Satsangi (devotee) remarked “What a grace you have poured upon him” At this Paramhans Dayal ji sated, “to return one’s deposit is not unjust”. In other words, to show the right path, was His duty.
There are indeed numerous examples where He demonstrates the right path not only to ordinary people but also to the aspiring/practicing saints. It was a small description of Jaipur when He was staying at Lala Hazari Mal’ residence. A Faqir shouted “I am very hungry, let me have something to eat and drink.” Lala Ji’s younger son, Gurbaksh took food and water downstairs to offer him. After taking the meals and drinking the water, the faqir asked the young boy to deliver the water pot. The boy refused to give without parents permission, at this the Faquir threatened to burn him to ashes. The boy replied if you burnt me down, His Guru Maharaj Ji would bring him back to life. Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji at that time seeing that the child had not come back for a longer time, called him back. Agitated Faquir and the boy went upstairs, the boy explained the facts. At this Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji with due respect apprised faqir that the water pot could be delivered with the permission of the parents of the boy, then asked the faqir to burn, the faquir muttered something on his hand, but nothing had happened. Before Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji recite his Mantra complete, the faqir fell at his feet  and apologized. Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji said, “Ego empties the whole treasure of Bhakti, and being saint never exhibits ego, getting agitated over such petty matters, now It is a constant need to safeguard one’s Bhakti.” As such shri Paramhans Dayal Ji was exemplary displaying a wonderful  way of ego destruction.
On 11th day of Feb., 1915 paralysed attacked on the right side of the pure divine body of shri paramhans dayal ji when he was staying at Teri Village. Fame Doctors and /hakim could not do much, hence Dada Gurudev remained on bed and devotees turn by turn taking advantage of rare service available in the universe of great saint. Once he disclosed “that  people who thought me sick unable to understand nature’s secret.”  It is  indeed beyond human approach to estimate the power of divine personality. Why the great saint  suffer from this disease ? Several such questions taking place in the hearts of some but within a short span of time nature itself revealed the fact. A Tehsildar of Teri Arbab Arbaz Khan(later on known as Arbaz) was religion fundamentalist, liked his religion and hatred others. As and when Muslim Faquirs(saints) visit to see Dada Gurudev, he felt bad and always speak against hindu saints. The said Arbaz was the murid(disciple) of famous sufi saint baba Noorgul. Once Arbaz went to see Baba Noorgul and sought his permission for Haj, Baba with pleasure allowed him for Haj but indicated to meet a famous saint  Gauss at Bagdad after completing Haj, Baba also advised Arbaz to pay his compliments to that  saint. Just after Haj Arbaz immediately proceeded for Bagdad as per instructions of his Guru and met Saint Gauss. The Saint Gauss explained to Arbaz,  you came here to see me allright but one thing you might remember at this prevailing age that only one Pruan Sadgur(self realized soul) shah-e-vilayat  is in physical human form and in your town only. Arbaz instantly excited when Faquir(Saint Guass) named Shri Paramhans Dayal ji. It was a surprising news for Arbaz who could not pay due respect, and   always condemn. Faquir(Saint Gauss) also asked Arbaz to convey my compliements to shri Paramhans Dayal Ji.  At this Arbaz astonished and requested Faquir(Saint Guass) to clear my doubt about shri Paramhans Dayal Ji’s paralysis illness. Faquir(Saint Gauss) smilingly replied “Although it is unfair to unfold nature’s secret but you will not believe until and otherwise I clarify, listen attentively  that two saints shri Paramhans dayal ji and one another have contributed in the form of their half portion of their pure physical body in support  of English Army in the world war as per the directions of surpreme power.”  Time for the fulfilment of that great mission, for which Shri Swami Paramhansa Dayal Ji had come to this world,  now driven nearer.
Dewan Bhagwan Das of Teri was working  as a clerk in Salt Department  of Government owned organization at Sambhar lake in Jaipur State in those days. Dewan Sahib was always inclined to the company of Sadhus and loved to hear Spiritual Preachings. Wherever he heard of the arrival of Sadhus, he used to go and advantage himself. As per nature’s direction Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji arrived in Sambhar town, which is located on the bank of Sambhar Lake. When Dewan Sahib came to know about shri Paramhans Dayal ji that He was delivering spiritual discourses  regularly. Due to impressions of previous births Dewan Sahib felt much attracted towards Him and remained  a regular visitor to listen His Sat Sang. Dewan Bhagwan Das ji had strong desire to obtain the position of inspector in the organization and also put his wish before Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji,  at this Shri Paramhansa Maharaj Ji, remarked: “You will become a superintendent of this department.” This benediction came true after sometime. After few days, Dewan Bhagwan Das Ji requested    Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji to visit birth place Teri to sanctify it and Shri Paranhans Dayal Ji said, “I will surely go there but after some time.” In 1904 Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji visited to the town of Teri, the birth place of Diwan Bhagwan Das, at his request and such this sacred place  became the first great centre of Sat Sang. Moreover, it was the celebrated place, where the second Guru, Shri Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj, was born and where the two Great Souls, Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji, the first Guru and the second Guru met each other. In fact, the first Master had gone there to meet His great disciple, Shri Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj. Undoubtably it was obvious that Dewan Sahib’s pray was just a medium.
On the arrival of Puran Sadguru(perfect saint) at Teri and  such news of flowing of spiritual discourses  spread al over. Second Guru came to know  that Shri Paramhans Dayal ji in town,  As the Second Guru came and bowed to Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji, At this First Guru  said, “Oh dear, So you have come ! I came here only for your sake.” The second Master bowed again and got Himself initiated by Him. The sentiments of devotion, which were already surging in the heart of second Guru and as such quenched his thirst, moulded His life according to the instructions  of His Guru and devoted Himself fully to the service of His Master. The detail description of the second guru given in the another chapter.
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