"Bol Jaikara Bol Mere Shri Guru Maharaj Ki Jai.. Bolo Shri Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan Ki Jai.. Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji Maharaj Ji Ki Jai.. Bolo Shri Nijatam Bhagwan Ki Jai.. Shri Sar Bhagwan Ki Jai..!!".
  Shri Swami Gurusharanand Ji  
A Divine Personality…Fifth Guru
Only the god Knows about the spiritual progress of the liberated souls but they have been categorized into seven classes depending on the roles they play. According to the Hindu faith they are: Yogi, Sadhu, Muni, Rishi, Maharishi, Mahatma and Brahma. When a fortunate man comes face to face with the ultimate reality i.e. Brahma or undergoes total realization with the blessings of a kind Sadguru, he then loses all desire to come again into this world of bonds and attachments assuming a mortal corporeal frame. He only wishes to remain in the state of perfect bliss, without being tempted by the mundane worldliness. He is eternally lost to the world, having tasted the Supreme joy of a spirituality pure existence. Such a high- soiled one becomes unaware of and unattached to his own body. Such a great soul, indeed is called the Blessed one.
To the contrary, there are some great souls who have been assigned the task of serving the Mankind by the Almighty. Such enlightened ones guide the ignorant worldly men gone astray bringing them to the right path through their word, deed or thought. Such great souls are destined to come to the world so that lost path of devotion may be found and lighted again dispelling the darkness of the evil times. They have the knowledge of the whole creation
The preaching’s of the perfect and true Master alone help and guide one in seeking liberation from the circle of eighty four laces, in kindling the light of knowledge and removing ignorance and in infusing a new spirit in life. These preaching have, in other words, are the precept of the Master, and are the nectarine sayings. By listening them and by acting on them man realizes the aim of his life.
After falling a victim to illusion and senses, one gets far more involved in enjoying the worldly comforts, such as status, wealth and carnal pleasures. Having lost the knowledge of the Reality, beguiled by the mind and the illusion, he has completely forgotten his real wealth the spiritual-knowledge. He does not even know the real aim of human life. Therefore, the guidance of the True Masters of the times, to put the man on the right path, has become imperative.
After a life of incessant activity in transforming us to the eternal truth, he attained mahasamadhi on Monday the 9th day of June 1980. Though he has left his mortal frame, he had been the main source of inspiration for us to execute the mankind activities. During 1980 before his departure from this earth, he declared his successor/heir most deserving disciple Shri Swami Guru Sharnanand Ji Maharaj(the Fifth Guru) by way of his handwritten Will and handed over that to his faithfull disciple Saint Sant Vichar Shabdanand ji. Further more he asked us to follow the humanistic path along with the unconditional faith on Sadguru Shri Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan.
In compliance to the wishes of Shri Shri 108 Shri Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji Maharaj-The Fourth Guru, all the devotees from all places assembled at Shri Nangli Sahib there for the occasion, applied Tilak of saffron to the forehead of Shri Swami Gurusharnanand Ji Maharaj, in recognition of His having succeeded to the spiritual gaddi of Sar Shabd Mission on the auspicious day of June 1980.
According to the tradition, Bhandara (community kitchen) in the sacred memory of Shri Shri 108 Shri Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji Maharaj was also held on that very day.

Holy Birth

Swami Ji was born at House No. 4, Village Chak No. 653, Gogera Branch, Tehsil Jandhawala Distt. Layalpur (now in Pakistan) on 30th March, 1940. It is really strange to note that Swami Ji birth place was hardly 8 miles away from the Birth place of Shri Maharaj Ji. But no one knew the secret behind this. Obviously It was the wish of Supreme Power. Certainly it was the union of two great souls. After partition Swami Ji alongwith mother and other relatives migrated to India when he was hardly seven years of age. At very young age of about two and half years When Swami Ji lost his father. His mother then handed the child over to his brother Sh. For his proper upbringing. His uncle and the aunt nursed the child with full devotion as they had no son and with the sole aim that he will look after at the old age.
Shri Maharaj Ji was fully aware that Swami Ji’s keen desire in devotion and lot of work was to done regarding spiritual enlistment; therefore, Shri Maharaj Ji blessed the Maternal uncle and the aunt of Swami Ji with one son, so they would not get isolated if Swami Ji took sanyas.
First Glimpse
It was the last week of Feburary 1949 when the Lord Shri Maharaj Ji visited the house of Swami Ji at Sadar Bazar, Gun Factory Quarters of Lucknow after enquiring a lot at the address given by Mata Vidyawanti Ji(Mother of Swami Ji). Indeed it was the wonderful occasion for the family to have a darshan of a complete saint. When Swami Ji returned home after attending class VI from school and coming before the Great Guru, he at once realized that he had found his god father in him. At the same time he burst into tears due to immense ecstasy. Shri Maharaj Ji comforted him and taken into his lap. Such bliss can’t be described in words. It also appeared as if he had his holy darshan in some birth earier too.
After completing his studies. He was often induced to engage in business, which was He the ocean of spiritual knowledge, did hardly need it. Being a trader in spirituality he had shown no interest in wordly objects. A thought arose in His mind that He should adopt the dress of a Sadhu. He expressed that desire to His Master Shri Maharaj Ji, as such the Fourth Guru then bestowed the Sadbu’s dress on Him in year 1972 and gave Him the auspicious name of Shri Swami Gurusharnanand Ji.
Although the Fifth Guru surrendered every thing in the sacred feet of the fourth guru in the year 1957, when Shri Maharaj Ji(fourth Guru) was writing second part of ‘Shri Swarup Darshan’ Then Swami Ji was given this work of translation from Urdu granth into Hindi. This service had filled his heart with immense ecstasy, as if all joys had burst which is beyond the scope of pen to describe.
Likewise In the year 1959 when sacred inauguration took place for the publication of monthly hindi religious magazine ‘Gangotri’, that work was also assigned to Swami Ji. Who dedicated his entire life for publishing the numerous books written by Shri Maharaj Ji
Reveal of a secret
Shri Swami Ji once described in ‘Saar Alok’ that Shri Maharaj Ji being an Omnisient Saint once disclosed the several facts of his last birth, even narrated the complete address and name. Shri Maharaj Ji also stated that both of us (the fourth and fifth guru) remained in the sacred service of Sadgurudev Ji (Second Guru).
Spiritual Movement World-Wide
The Fifth Master–an embodiment of peace and love began to bestow upon one and all the divine rays of spiritualism in the capacity of the Leader.
From 1980 onwards our Mission started activities in village Shri Nangli Sahib like
- Construction of large Colony named after Third & Fourth Guru –Shri Nijatam Sar Sewa Sadan
-100 bedded Hospitals with modern amentias named after Second Guru-Swami Swaroopa Nand Charitable Hospital & Research Centre
Worlwide extensive tour by the fourth guru Shri Swami Guru
Sharnanand Ji Maharaj in order to Spread spiritual knowledge, it is
Considered the highest because it is the basis of all knowledge.
Scriptures declare that the person who gains spiritual knowledge
Attains the objective of having been born as a human being—
Liberation from rebirths. Unlike other living beings, which can only work?
out their Karma, man is given an opportunity by God to strive for his
Salvation. Other beings are not within the purview of the scriptures and thus follow their natural instincts while man is duty bound to
Follow the guidelines of the scriptures, thus returns to His abode on
30th day of August, 2000 at Germany.
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