"Bol Jaikara Bol Mere Shri Guru Maharaj Ki Jai.. Bolo Shri Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan Ki Jai.. Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji Maharaj Ji Ki Jai.. Bolo Shri Nijatam Bhagwan Ki Jai.. Shri Sar Bhagwan Ki Jai..!!".
  Shri Swami Nijatamanand Ji  
Since the very inception of the human civilization the Brahman-knowledge or the metaphysical knowledge has been inherited from heart to heart. But contrary to it, the knowledge of the classics or of physical science has developed  or evolved gradually. The attainment of classical knowledge is possible through several means but the attainment of the metaphysical knowledge or spiritual realization is possible only through the blessings of a preceptor. There is a wide gulf between knowledge and gained through preachings and knowledge through practice. Some great men have laid stress on the attainment of knowledge through word. But the combination of the two is the ideal one. An ideal preceptor imparts His spiritual knowledge to his most trusted and the most deserving disciple who posses the attributes of discretion, renunciation, and a true seeker of salvation and inner resplendence deserves this spiritual wealth. In fact it also depends upon the discretion of the giver as on whom   He bestows this knowledge.
Amongst thousands of followers, Guru Nanak Dev Ji chose only Shri Angad Dev Ji. Just as father feels relieved having bequeathed his hard-earned material property to the hands of an able and deserving son, in the same way a preceptor heaves a sigh of relief having bequeathed his hard earned spiritual wealth to the most favourite disciple. When the ruler of spiritual kingdom,
Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji(Dada Guru Dev-the First Guru) came across Shri Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj(Shri Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan-the Second Guru), likewise, He too felt relieved or rather elated. With a view to show the right path to the devotees the Second Guru has set standards for the benefit of people. He moulded His life with the times and achieved that ideal in life, which others would follow and as such cross the ‘Bhavsagar.’ First of these was the delicate relationship of the Master and the disciple which He firmly observed throughout His life. People think that always a disciple put efforts in search of a saint, but here the perfect Master Himself comes in search of Him. The Second Guru has not attained self realization simply but He surrendered everything, took Rigorous Meditation and passed all of the numerous tests set by the perceptor
When devotees of Agra jointly had sent a letter by way of appeal to Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji(Dada Guru Dev, the First Guru) , stating that Shri Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj(the Second Guru), being absorbed in His own bliss, was sitting at an open place without any shelter, He bore summer, winter, raining and storms on His delicate body. He must be experiencing extreme uncomfortable physically but He was not responding to our various requests to build some cottage/room and sometime expressed anger. In view of the above, we may be allowed to build some sort of shelter for Him. At that time Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji was delivering a spiritual discourse at Tal. When He read that letter, tears flowed from his eyes. At this devotees present asked Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji as what was in the letter, He replied that said letter meant for ‘Swami Swarupanand Ji from the devotees of Agra requesting me to order Baba ji(Second Guru) not to suffer extreme atrocities and allow us to construct cottage. Now what we could explain to them? He(second guru) had attained ‘fearless stage(nirbhay padh) i.e. renunciation. If we say Ram He is Ram, likewise if we say Krishan He is Krishan, if we say Nanak He is Nanak and if we say Kabir He is Kabir. All the four positions of Ram, Krishan, Nanak and Kabir were bestowed upon Him. Now write to the devotees of Agra do not interfere in His Will, now His and Mine will merged as one. At this stage I am not interested to instruct Him anything. For Spirtiual Upliftment of Masses, the Second Guru sacrificed everything with the sole object of awakening the people.
Shri Maharaj Ji(the Second Guru) sojourned at Bhakhrewali Ashram for over a fortnight. Then one day he decided to leave. The news made the devotees weep and some of them even fell unconscious. Shri Maharaj Ji comforted them saying, “We’ve yet to do much for the spiritual uplifment, but time at our disposal is very short. You would better attend congregational duties besides the wordly ones. We’ll be coming back soon.” Then the gathering piteously cried out, “Don’t go, the Giver-one, for Life without you will be unbearable.” Hearing this Shri Sadgurudev Ji raised His both Lotus hands saying, Swami Nijatmanand Ji will still remain here. After I have departed. It’s courtesy of the Swami that you all have been united with me. He is a very dear and true devotee of mine. I bid him to remain with you. Regards him as me, he being my other form. Anyone who distinguishes one from the other will surely came to harm; anyone who considers us apart deserves to be termed as ignorant. Let no one from this day regard us different from each other; and it’s my command.”
Hearing this Swami Nijatmanand Ji cried bitterly, “I do not deserve all this praise my Master, just keep me at your lotus-feet.” Weeping thus, he fell unconscious at the holy feet. Raising him up, Shri Maharaj Ji said “Those who hanker after honours fail to achieve them; and those who giving up all pride and ego, lose themselves in name-recitation, achieve the honour of becoming my own form. I bestow on you the honour of taking my place here. Though you don’t need such an honour. I bid you to lead the congregation of this area on the path of name-recitation, thus spreading the message of love.”
According to Gita Shri Krishna indirectly preached the virtues of self surrender for the first time in chapter IV. The blessed Lord said :-
“Freed from, attachment, fear and anger, absorbed in Me, taking refuge in Me, purified by the fire of knowledge, many have attained My Being.”
Throughout His life, the Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) continued to preach and spread the message of self surrender and ‘sharnagati’. Lord Krishna knew before hand about his future incarnation in the form of Sagurudev Ji(Second Guru). He knew that He would have to change many forms in order to spread the ideal of Surrender to the Supreme Refuge, and one of the embodied forms would be that of Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru). It is for this reason, the Lord assured Arjuna in Shaloka 7 of the Chapter 4 in the Gita;-
“Whenever, O descendant of Bharata, there is decline of Dharma(faith), and rise of Adharma(evil), then I body Myself forth.”
‘Sharnagati’ (self surrender) of Shri Swami Nijatmanand Ji Maharaj(Third Guru), shall remain a source of insipiration who follow the path of devotion. Shri Swami Ji(Third Guru) was earlier name before initiating into ‘sanyas’ was Bhakt Hemraj Ji, who was a rich money-lender of his native place Lukky Marwat. He was very fond of undertaking charity projects, the proof of which was that he build many ‘Dharamshalas’ in and around Lukky Marwat. He also used to take active part in ‘Ramlilas’. His family priest Shri Lal Das Ji belonged to Dera Gazi Khan, as he was religious minded and of pious nature, he used to recite from ‘Laghu Pachissi’ which also contained a hymn in honour of Shri Lal Ji. He also used to read from Holy Guru Granth Sahib and Bhaktmaal with great devotion. Seeing his keen interest in religious and charitable affairs, someone suggested to him to find a perfect preceptor for himself. He reached Haridwar in search of a Supreme guide. There he supplicated before many an ascetic to be blessed with spiritual knowledge so that he could come face to face with his own reality. Some of the Sadhus said, “Keep on reciting the holy name of Lord Rama concentrating on your inner reality, after having a sacred dip in the river everyday.” He acted accordingly. He would sit in concentration after the dip and would open his eyes only t find the same form or condition of the body –same hands, same feet. What is my true reality? He would ask himself time and again, rather restlessly. Then he visited several pilgrim centres, herimtages and ashrams, rendering service to the sadhus there, but all in vain. For six long months, he was on this pilgrimage of quest, but finally, he had to return empty-handed.
One day Bhakt Sidhu Ram Dudeja, a near relation of his, said to him, “Bkaht Hemraj Ji, you have wandering purposelessly for so long, why don,t you come along with me to Teri in Distt. Kohat ? I will find a Guru for you.” Hearing these words, he immediately got ready and set out for Teri with Him. Coming before the great guru, he at once realized that he had found his preceptor in him. At the same time, he burst into tears as he remembered all the wasted time in futile search. Blessing the refuge seeker, Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) tried to comform him. As wasa general rule, Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) asked, ‘Do you worship daily or practice regularly your recitations?” His polite answer was, “Maharaj Ji, I do sometimes go through the pages of Bhaktmal.’ Hearing his innocent reply, Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) gave a smile saying, “Not sometimes, you must read it thoroughly.” Listening to these words of tender concern, the visitor felt overwhelmed with a deep sense of devotion. Overcome with inexplicable bliss and love, he took the holy word from Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru), and completely devoted himself to the service of preceptor. As the time passed, he supplicated for the privilege to dress as a sanyasin. Shri Sadgurudev Ji’s(Second Guru) response was “You are the chief and a prominent citizen of Lukky Marwat. It would not do any good to grant you the status of sadhu as it might lead to protests or animosity. First you wind up your affairs only then think of sanyas.” He entreated, “Shri Maharaj Ji, the domestic affairs can’t be completely wound up as long as one is alive; instead, meditations at home. After sometime, he again be sought for sanyas; this time his entreaty was accepted. Shri Sadgurudev Ji (Second Guru) kindly began the initiation ceremony, he asked the congregation. “What name should be baptized with?” The loved ones replied, “As you wish Shri Maharaj ji” Pondering for a while over it, Shri Maharaj Ji said, “In the beginning of evey ‘Saakhi’( a sort of eyewitness to a deep reality) of Bhaktmal you read these words : Atmmadarshiyowaach, which means one who looks within and speaks. Therefore, you are named as Nijatmanand-one who lives in the bliss of one’s soul.” Swami Nijatmanand Ji Maharaj also surrendered his holy family to the holy feet of preceptor. Later two of his sons also sought refuge at the holy feet having been initiated into Sanyas and were respectively named as Swami Guru Premanand Ji, and Swami Dyan Akhandanand Ji. Both the holy names became famous in the sect.
Truly speaking, Swami Nijatmanand Ji was the soul of Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) himself. He would often shed tears longingly remembering Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru), the loved Lord. As is aptly said:
True love can never be concealed howsoever hard one may try. It will definitely come to the surface. Even when the mouth keeps silent, eyes begin to brim tears revealing the true state of mind.
Advent in the Lakki Marwat
As per directions of the First Guru with a view to expand the area of spiritual discourse, the Second Guru visited Lakki Marwat. Bhakt Hemraj Ji(Swami Nijatmanand Ji-Third Guru) was His faithful devotee and served Him with great faith and love. He had so much faith and affection for Him that whenever he saw the Second Guru, he used to be so happy and absorbed that he even lost consciousness of his body. Tears always roll over in affection as a mark of true devotion and his eyes never remain dry out of ecstasy. One day after the spiritual discourse, arrangement for the stay of Second Guru’s was done in a Haveli (an open ground having walls all around and was without roof). On that day in the evening huge raining was observed, A devotee named Bhakt Hemraj Ji (the third Guru later known as Swami Nijatamanand Ji) who was most faithful worried a lot that Maharaj Ji(the Second Guru) was feeling difficulty due to heavy raining as there was no roof and He was staying in open.
A Miraculous Event
When Bhakt Hemraj Ji having Lalten(lamp) in hand reached that place so that Shri SadgurudevJi (Second Guru) could be shifted to a House. Bhakt Hemraj Ji was surprised to note the strange scene there, at a five-five feet distance all around from the sacred bed of Maharaj ji, not even a single drop of rain occurred and that place was totally dry. As bhakt ji took seat after bowing with high respect before the Second Guru. Shri SadgurudevJi asked “this time in a night how you have come here” Here Bhakt Ji was thinking that the Second Guru is Himself a Almighty and a thought came in mind that his idea was merely like showing of a Deepak(lamp) to the sun. Sometime sentiments can not be expressed in words, at this Bhakt Ji replied “we thought in a storm of raining how you had been staying in an open ground and we have come here to shift your goodself in a house. On listening the reply Shri SadgurudevJi stated “Bhai(brother) there is no raining here, if it happens then we move alongwith you.” Bhakt ji instantly bowed again at the sacred feet of Shri SadgurudevJi, tears started flowing out of ecstasy and said that at every place there was raining, but here is no rain, what is secret in it, you know your own acts.” This act of nature was spread far and wide, but Shri SadgurudevJi advised not to discuss this, as this is the sign of great saints Who never like their praises.
Wishes of Master must be followed
One day Bhakt Hemraj ji and Bhakt Sahib Ram Ji pressed forward their earenest entreaties at the holy feet of Shri Maharaj ji to come to Lukky Marwat and give darshan to the yearning populace over there. In response to all these appeals, Shri Sadgurudev Ji said, “ Please wait, we shall move after a few days, and again Shri Sadgurudev Ji the omniscient saint, responsed saying, “Wait, since going there now won’t do any good.” Hearing these words, the devotees began to shed tears, dismayed as they were by his constant refusals. As last, Shri SadgurudevJi had to blow before their pleadings. One day, they set out for Kohat Railway Station, from where they planned to move towards Bannu by motor car. Once again Shri SadgurudevJi tried to dissude them saying, “Brothers, though already I am on the way with you as desired by you, yet I believe it won’t be good doing there. The consequence may be disastrous.” Both the devotees again supplicated, “As you wish, our Lord.” At this Shri SadgurudevJi laughingly said “You have, on the surface, left it to my sweet will but if I, using my discretion, change the programme to go to Lukky, you will certainly be filled with remorse. So, it would be better if you could accept my wish whole heartedly.” They folded their hands, saying, “We are pleases with what you wish, “Hearing this, Shri Sadgurudev Ji got down from the bus, and proceeded towards the Railway Station, leaving the two devotees crying behind. When Shri Sadgurudev Ji came to know of their sad plight, he felt moved by their sincere love and said, “I knew they won’t be able to endure separation fom me. No doubt, they love me dearly, rather blindly, for they pay no heed to my commands.” Then, Shri Sadgurudev Ji again fixed the programme to visit Lukky Marwat.
A telegraphic information about Shri Sadgurudev Ji’s expected arrival was sent to the Lukky. As Shri Sadgurudev Ji reached near Teri in Tehsil Banda from Kohat he said, “Bhakt Amir Chand is very cordially and humbly inviting me to visit Teri. Better if I went there postponing the visit to Lukky for some other time, not now, it being an unauspicious occasion.” The supreme saints can predict the future; the past, the present and the future are like open books before them. The accompanying devotees couldn,t understand the hints and brought Shri Sadgurudev Ji to Lukky with inexhaustible zeal and devotion. When they reached Lukky Marwat Railway Station, they found that nobody from the town had turned up to receive them, neither had the telegramme reached there, it seems both the devotees were utterely surprised as well as ashamed. They escorted Shri Sadgurudev Ji to the retiring chamber at the station. Having settled the honoured guest there, they entered the town, when they came to know that all the devotees were attending a condolence meeting in connection with the sad demise of Bhakt Hemraj Ji’s cousin. The said news plunged them into an indescribable grief. All the their zeal came to naught. Retruning to the Railway Station, they fell at the holy feet as they broke the news to Shri Sadgurudev Ji, and added, “You were right, the divine prophet, in postponing not to come here. But we, in our ignorance, couldn,t fathom the depth of your vision. Kindly forgive us for our imprudence.” Truly a devotee who doubts the command of his preceptor relying on his judgement comes to suffer the consequences. Instead of joining the rejoicing at the arrival of Shri Sadgurudev Ji, the devotees now had to join the mourners. They had to encountered some other difficulties, too.
In response to their piteous regrets, Shri SadgurudevJi said, “Each of the preceptor’s words is distinct. What could I do in face of your insistant pleadings ? Now you should rise to the occasion, and be careful not to interfere in my places in future.” Saying this Shri Sadgurudev Ji reminded them of these words:-
Guru kahe so kaar kamave, guru ki karni kahe dhave
Guru agya mane so sadhu, guru agya pad bhed agadhu
The one obeys the command of the teacher is the true sadhu; he alone earns the virtues who doesn,t evade the guru,s word. From Lukky Marwat, Shri Sadgurudev Ji returned to Teri alongwith his retinue of devotees.
The Devotees Protected
Once Shri Sadgurudev Ji was staying at Teri for spiritual discourse on the requests of several devotees. After several days Bhakt Hemraj Ji and Bhakt Sahib Ram Ji came to have the holy darshan of Shri Sadgurudev Ji from Lukky Marwat and turned back in a few days after having gained the delight of the soul at the congregation. Both these devotees were always worshipping the adorable emboiement of the divine that Shri Sadgurudev Ji was, in the sacred, temple-like precinct of their hearts.
These devotees boarded the us at Teri. There were about thirty other passenger in the bus, which had to traverse a difficult terrain over the hills from Banu to Kohat. The steep road was in a bad shape on the way near a dangerously blind turn. Call it a lapse on the part of the driver, or the doing of the Lord, the bus suddenly nose-dived towards the slope and came hurtling down into a ditch below. Many of the paasengers got thrown out, and lay helter and skelter. The bus gt severaly damaged with pieces pulled apart. The wooden seats and items of the luggage lay broken into pieces. Many of the passengers got the injuries and one of them breathed his last on the spot. But both the devotees Bhakt Hemraj Ji and Bhakt Sahib Ram Ji got a little injured. Both expressed their gratitude to Shri Sadgurudev Ji at this miraculous escape. The great-souled ones have said that the one who protects is stronger than the one who kills. It has been aptly put in the holy Guru Bani:- Maare Rakhe Eko Aap.
Command to third guru for mass awakening Master-disciple a matchless love
At Buchia, Second Guru has instructed His dearest disciple Sh. Swami Nijatamanand Ji(the Third Guru) to visit various places of Punjab for spiritual uplift and mass awakening. The Third Guru had extreme love and affection in the sacred feet of the Second Guru and hence unable to face distance even for a moment. Fearing to stay away for six months from the master had made him restless, wept a lot and got unconscious. What a matchless description of love has been given. It is easy to speak of love, but difficult to practise it. If the devotee is prepared to sacrifice his all for the pleasure of the Master, the Master also takes over the responsibility of taking every care of the devotee. As such Sh. Sadgurudev Ji permitted Swami ji for spiritual discourse in twenty villages and also indicated the time period of six months. Shri Swami Nijatamanand ji completed his tour merely in 12 days and waited outside the Bhuchiya Village in order to send message to Sh. Sadgurudev Ji for Darshan. Here the Second Guru was playing different act altogether and left for Malakwal. Sh. Swami Ji filled with sorrow to listen and also left for Malakwal for Darshan. Due to fatigueness Swami ji took rest for few moments on way. Sh. Sadgurudev Ji had changed his plan and as such had to proceed for Kanpur from Malakwal railway station. When Swami Ji after enquiring approached railway station, the Second Guru has already boarded the train, as there is always some secret in master’s order to which no human can understand. Sh. Swami Ji repented a lot and now what could be done? Swami Ji’s impelling desire to meet master had made Him sad. The fire of love flares up in the heart of Swami Ji. He wondered here and there with brimming eyes. In appearance and dress He looked very simple. As such also boarded next train in search of His Master (embodiment of all virutes) for Kanpur and thus reached Kanpur but Sh. Sadgurudev Ji stayed on the way at some devotees cordial request and reached Kanpur after few days. It took long wait of sixteen days to Swami ji to see His Master to quench his spiritual thirst and realized inner immensed joy. Swami ji passed few days under holy feets of Sh. SadgurudevJi
One day Sh. Sadgurudev Ji directed Swami ji to propagate devotion and spiritual uplift in Punjab. Alongwith all this It was also asked “ you would see me after a period of two years.” To think the period of two years away from the Master, Swami Ji’ eyes rolled down tears. After controlling His sentiments Swami ji prayed to Sh. Sadgurudev Ji “A knower of all the hearts, my lord that your disciple of your divine feet could not live without you.” After continuous humble request of Swami Ji, Sh. Sadgurudev Ji granted a period of six months for expanding devotion of love and propagating the practice of Naam.. In obedience to these commands, He starred for awakening the slumbering humanity and began to propagate the practice of NAAM(shabd yog, a mantra) from village to village and town to town in the region of Punjab. The Third Guru(swami ji) had completely dedicated Himself to the service of Guru as a result, He was a recipient of utmost affection of Shri Maharaj Ji. The third Guru sacrificed everything to please his Master.
Public Awkening in West Punjab
Swami Nijatmanand Ji boarded the train at Kanpur. Due to the agony of separation, his mind still remained with the holy feet all through the journey, though he would change train where so ever needed. Thus trravelling, he reached Mandi Chak Jhumra in Distt. Lyall Pur after eight days and finally, got down from the train. No one here knew hom before hand; but strange, indeed, are the ways of the Saints. Just imagine what a strong motivation took him to a far flung area, the inhabitants of which must have deserved through their virtious deeds such a blessed visit of Swami Nijatmanand Ji as wished by Shri Sadgurudev Ji. Swami Ji led a life of isolation and was clad as simply as was his disposition. He never touched money, like his preceptor.
Totally Detached
One day after he had stayed at a temple in Chak Jhumra for some days, he came walking on the road that led to Chinyot, Distt. Jhang. Travelling on foot, Shri Swami Ji reached village Khichian, where he held congregations in which both the Hindus and the Muslims participated and were ample benefitted. One day from Khichian he reached the adjoining village of Chak No. 14, Karaal Wala. Here he stayed at a dharamshala in Punjab those days. The keeper of the dharamshala was a rich man, though the priest, who read from the holy scripture, was rather suspicious by temperament. At night he brought the meal from the keeper’s house and put it on Swami Ji’s bare hands without using any utensil or pot. Next day was the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti in the month of Magh. When the villagers came to pay their obeisance at Gurudwara, as their daily practice, they noticed Swami Ji there and prayed Him to preach to them. Taking a word from the holy Guru Granth Sahib, he started elucidating the essence in such a manner that all of them seemed spell-bound. At the end of the discourse, some of the devotees approached him asking, “Swami Ji, you came here last night when it was quite cold. How could you spend the night without being provided with a cot or a bed? We are really sorry that we, the unfortunate ones, couldn’t be of any service to you.” Listening these symphathetic words, Swami Ji, “You are not at all unfortunate, brothers. Rather, you are lucky to have me here; me, who has come here from a far, as bidden by Shri Sadgurudev Ji. As regards the cold, yes, it did come to me at night but finding the warmth here, had to return. What could the external cold do the cold that was already in me?” Meaing, perhaps, that he was not attached to the wordly, warm comforts.
These tender words coming from the lips of Swami Ji flooded the hearts of devotees with love. Then leaving, they soon come back with the delicious, warm meal. Besides, they also arranged a cot and new bed for him. Looking at the food, Swami Ji found seceral tasty dishes served on a large silver plate. “Lo, Brother, eat up whatever you wish, to satisfy your hunger, the Lord has been gracious enough to provide such a sumptuous meal,” he said to himself, but, since his mind was already completely dedicated to the Lord’s will, there remained no other wish to be fulfilled. Those who have surrendered themselves at the lotus feet of the Lord in such a humble submissive manner, are least bothered by the fickleness of mind. As was his want, he took only a little quantity of food, returning the rest. When Swami Ji was about to leave those loving devotees offered some money and clothes as gifts, but Swami Ji declined saying, “I have vowed never to touch money in life, and as regards the clothes I never keep more than the three pieces I am already wearing. What shall I do with all these things?” Pressed by them too much, Swami Ji agree to part with the head towel accepting another towel with which he covered his head.
Swami Ji’s pathetic condition can be compared to that of Swami Vivekanand after he got separated from Paramhans Ram Krishan Ji, with eyes brimming with tears, and hearts aching with pangs. Torn between the missionary zeal for spiritual upliftment on one hand, and the fire of longing on the other, he would burst into weeping sometimes, and sometimes into laughing. Whenever he felt like stopping, he stopped; and feeling like continuing with the journry he walked on preaching and holding congregations in villages and towns thay lay on his way. He wouldn’t keep a durable association with anyone nor would he insist on having food of his liking, eating what so ever come his way even if some one treated with disdainfully, a smile would keep on playing on his lips. He was of the firm opinion that the One who had assigned him the task, was always around him, though unseen, watching all his activities. ‘I am the servant, and he the Master. Its his prerogative to take any kind of service from me, his servant’ he would think.’
His Kindness To Sathoiwala
One day when Swami Ji went out on a routine evening walk from Khichian, he saw a devotee belonging to the adjacent village of Sathoiwala cutting fodder in his field. The devotee bowed before the revered Swami Ji prayed that he should pay a kind visit to his village nearby. Accepting the invitation, Swami Ji reached the village nextday, where he was told that the concerned devotee had gone out of the village on some business. Now Swami Ji seated himself on a cot lying in front of a shop in the village market. Seing a sanyasin sitting like this, the shopkeeper, Shri Wali Ram Kakkar asked him calling out respectfully as to who he was and where he hailed from. Swami Ji replied laughingly, “I am an employee of the Post and Telegraph Department.” Hearing this, the shopkeeper became apprehensive. Being an innocent villager, he thought ‘though he is a government employee, yet he is clad in saffron. He may complaint to the government against us’. Thinking so, he kept quiet.
In a short while, the same very devotee who had, in fact, invited Swami Ji, arrived at the spot. He took the worthy guest home where Swami Ji held a congregation at night. Almost all the shopkeepers of the village including Bhakt Wali Ram Ji, came to attend it. Seing Swami Ji addressing the congregation, he exclaimed, “Maharaj, you claimed to be an official of the P and T department but strangely, you turn out be a Mahatma,” Swami Ji replied, I didn’t tell a lie to you. Have you received the letters sent to youby great saints in the form of books and scriptures? And, having received them, have you actually read them too? I’ve came here to verify whether you have moulded your practical lives in accordance with the teachings given in those works, or not.
Listening to these deep words of the saintly mystic, the devotee stood transfixed. From then onwards, he started attending the congregations regularly to his own profit. After some days, a good number of devotees belonging to the Sathoiwala area became followers of the sect. having besought the holy word at the feet of Shri Sadgurudev Ji.
Holy Presence at Bhupalwala and Gojra
Thus the devotees came from far and wide to listen to the soothing discourses at the congregations. Bhakt Kripa Ram Ji alongwith his parents and other kith and kin, also came from village Bhupalwala. After he had the holy darshan of Swami Ji, he felt so completely swayed by his charms that he began to pray “O the Giver-one, grant me this wish that I should spend the rest of my lifefully dedicated to your holy service.” He also beseeched him to visit his village and accepting the invitation, Swami Ji soon came to Bhupalwala, where hindus and Sikhs lived together in large numbers. There he also spread Lord’s words through preachings at congregations where people would come from far and wide. Those who stayed back, were served with religious feast. Thus Swami Ji sojourned there for a pretty long time. It is to be remembered here that Bhakt Kripa Ram Ji took to ‘Sanyas’ in due course and became famous by th new name, Swami Dyan Premanand Rishi Ji.
One day Shri Ram Nath Khanna, a bhakt from Malpur Gojra, came to pay obeisance at the Lotus-feet. Listening to the sacred and soothing words at the congregation, he felt as if the spiritual dreams of previous births had reawakened. Though he was quite powerful. He brought Swami Ji to his village from Bhupalwala very lovingly. There a hearty welcome greeted Swami Ji’s teachings would always be much above the level of otherness(dvait bhav). Impressed and inspired by these teachings of a worthy guru, a pretty good number of people became his disciples. Swami Ji was also accompanied by Swami Pramatmanand Ji in those days. Groups of devotees would turn up at the congregations singing hymns and chating kirtans, coming from all nooks and corners of the area.
The First Glimpse-Meeting of the Third Guru with Fourth Guru
One day Bhakt Sohan Lal Ji, the real brother of the fourth guru(Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji Maharaj), came from his village Bhakrewali to attend Swami Ji’s congregation at Malpur Gojra. Listening to the inspired teachings, he felt so much overwhelmed that on his return to the village he said, “There are two saints on a visit to Gojra, who are apparently dressed as ordinary Mahatmas, but are, in fact, incarnations of the Lord.” Those days the Fourth Guru was studying at the village school. Hearing the praise of Swami ji from his borther’s mouth, he felt stirred deep within and began to believe that his fortunes were about to change. Overpowered by an acute wish to go for the holy darshan immediately, he headed for Malpur Gojra, all alone, taking some humble token of gift with him. His motive, for the time being, was to satisfy his curiosity. His elders too tried to dissuade him saying, “You are just a child; don’t go alone. If, at all, you are bent on going, then take someone along. When we go to have the holy darshan, you can accompany us.” But the magnetic attraction being too powerful to resist, the humble child was on his way.
Rest of the story is in the Fourth Guru’s own words :-
“When I had the first glimpse of the venerable Saint at Malpur Gojra and paid my obeisance at his feet, it seemed to me as if this life as well as the previous ones, had been sanctified, and an old tie had been revived. His very first glimpse filled my heart with immense ecstasy, as if all joys had burst forth suddenly overflowing the mind with such a bliss as can’t be described in words. Further, it appeared as if I had his holy darshan in some birth earlier too, at some other place. But there was no denying the fact that this was our first meeting in this birth, as regards the physical existence. Some how, the secret lay dormant in the deep recesses of some mundane mystery. After a while, Swami Ji asked this humble servant, tell me my son whether you practice some kind of religious worship or not.” I replied, “Maharaj Ji, I don’t know what worship is and how it is done. I’m only thinking since how long have we known each other ? I’m at a loss to know how to sing your glory and in what words. Something tells me that you are my true Master.”
I, in a truly humble manner, stood transfixed with wonder, gazing at the Swami Ji’s face, feeling the tides of ecstasy rising within. If appeared as if this slave was in front of a vision, which though was earthly, was ethernal in form, as if my soul was trying to identify the divine soul. Thus starting at the fascinating face., I felt as if Swami Ji was eyeing me from the corner of his eyes, perhaps, in an attempt to recognize a lost servant. As the Swami Ji raised his eye-lids he seemed to be opening doors to a new world. He spoke very few words, but his eyes communicated much more. Perhaps words fall to express fully the intensity of love within sometimes, silence is more eloquent-particularly in love.
Christening of the devotee
For some time this exalted conversation continued. Then I, the most obedient servant of His Holiness, said, “When shall I get the new Name-Word Swami Ji, of which you have been talking so far?” Swami Ji laughed, saying, “Why not now, but that’s possible only when you part with your head.” I was amazed to listen to these words thinking if the head was gone, who would get the name-words. Swami Ji reiterated his condition which I willy nilly accepted thinking that Swami Ji was asking for it only for the sake of asking but he actually wouldn’t take my head. Then Swami Ji asked for a chopper to be brought and said, “Get ready now. I’ll first chop off your head, only then you will get the name.” This was going to be the moment of ordeal but never the less, I was worried, foolishly thinking that my head would be actually taken off, and there was no dear one close by to save me at this moment of peril.But simultaneously another thought crossed my mind that if I was to die like this, who would be given the Name-Word, and who would recite it. A call came from the inner recesses of mind then that I should instantly and gladly offer my head. Obeying the call, I bowed my head at the Lotus-Feet, saying “Maharaj Ji, this head now belongs to you. Chop it off or keep it with you.” These words of mine brought tears to his eyes, then overwhelmed with tenderness he said, “I was just putting your love to test; and your devotion undoubtebly, is steadfast. This head of yours is mine from this moment, and you are taken into the fold.” Then he uttered this doha :
Yeh tan vish ke belri, hari amrit ki khan,
sees diye jo hari miley to bhi sasta jaa
English version
“If you are able to get the Name-Word even at the cost of your head, the bargain is really worthwhile. This body is just like a poisnous creeper on which grow diverse fruits of wordly lusts and desires. Such a deadly grown must be cut off using the axe of Guru’s wisdom, and in its place, the seeds of Lord’s name and of immortal fruit be sown.”
When I, a humble slave of his, offered my head at the Gurudeva’s feet, I was immedaitely blessed with ‘guru mantra’ or the ‘sacred word’. It was the same very mantra which had been practiced for long. Listening to it, my whole inner being was instantly suffused with eternal love. It seemed to be already pervading all over my inner self. Perhaps I had lost sight of this hidden treasure within me while I was wandering purposelessely from pillar to post in search of it. At that moment my only thought was that I should not be separated from my Master even for a second. This is summed up in:-
Satguru aisa bed bataaya, aaya nazar nirala,
daage manke bazon ander dam dam firdi mala,
tilak nishani trikuti ander, ditha khas ujala,
Dasandas daya guru kiti, metia yam ka pala
After this the Swami Ji announced, “You can go home now, as your village is not far off. Whenever you feel like you may come to see me.” I didn’t feel like going back home, but had to go, obeying the command of the guru. Several kith and kin and other villagers from Bhakrewali started coming to Malpur Gojra in order to have holy darshan. I continued to visit Swami Ji for ten years at a stretch. Several loved devotees belonging to Bhakrewali jointly prayed to Swami Ji for his kind visit to the village, after having held mutual consultations.
How the pangs of separation Increased
Acceding to the earnest request of the devotees, Swami Ji came to Bhakrewali where the followes showered their reverence and love on him. Lord’s Name began to be preached here in real earnest. Groups of devotees form far off villages would come to enlighten themselves at the congregations. One day Swami Ji expounded these words of the Fifth Padshah Guru Arjun dev Ji, as given in the holy Guru Granth Sahib ;-
Mera man loche guru darhsna tain, vilap kare chatrik ki nayee
English version
My mind continues to hanker for Guru’s sight without his glimpse it cries like a love-lorn lark.
Swami Ji kept on repeating the string of words while his eyes ceased not to shed tears. The whole congregation was at a loss to know the reason of Swami ji’s weeping. Some of them made a guess that he was in tears perhaps due to reminiscene of a loved one. One of them gathered the courage to ask him, “Maharaj why are you crying while reciting from the Guru Bani?” Swami Ji replied, “ I’m tormented by the separation from the Guru. It is two years from since I was blessed with his darshan. And still the permission for the same is not forth coming. The mere thought of such a prolonged separation brings tears to my eyes.
The Plan to Build an Ashram at Bhakrewali

For the several days the preaching continued. Few of the devotees then thought of building an Ashram in the village which would be a permanent place for the holy saints to come to, and stay at. Then some more devotees, including Bhakt Kashi Ram Ji, bhakt Faquir Chand ji and Bhakt Lakhmi Chand Ji all jointly ntreated Swami Ji to give permission for building a cottage there. One day Swami Ji acceding to the request when along with them and chose a suitable plot for the purpose. Soon the preparation were under way, as a land had been formally donated by Sardar Bhagwan Singh Ji and Sardar Harnam Singh Ji.

Swami Jji stayed at Bhakrewali for over a fortnight before a returning to Gojra
A Wonderful Judge
Shri Swami Ji had already been there to oblige devotees at villages Burj Barnala, Kot Khudayar and Chinyot.
From Gojra he came to village Chakbandi at the request of Bhakt Karamchand Ji and Bhakt Ralya Ram ji, There, all the devotees attended congregation except one Bhakt Vasandaram ji Malhotra, who was money lender and kept sitting at home, being too arrogant of his riches. When some one came to invite him to the congregation he would put him off saying, “What shall I do at the gathering? I have seen many saints like this.” He were afraid, perhaps, that Swami Ji might ask for some money. That’s way the proud rich man never cared to attend gathering.
Once he attended the congregation with a different thought, he took his seat after darshan. Swami Ji again wept that day shedding tears in memory of hos preceptor. Seing this Bhakt Vasandaram Ji said, “Maharaj If you are so devoted to the lotus feet of your diety, why don’t you goto have his holy darhsan?” Swami ji replied, “I have not yet received the communication permitting to come.”
Next day Bhakt Vasandaram Ji had to attend the courts in connection with a law suit. He was to appear next day. It seemed to him that winning the case was a hard nut to crack. When after the discourse, Bhakt Vasandaram Ji lay on his bed that night, he had a wonderful dream in which he saw a saintly person clad in silken white rob occupying a judge’s chair in the courts. He was somewhat dark complexioned. Wearing a pretty garland round his neck and a pink coloured handkerchief on his head and a pair of golden framed spectacles on eyes, he sat holding the court. Seeing this the strange fancy dress of the judge. Bhakt Vasandaram ji asked from the people around as to hen the judge had joined and why he was dressed up in such an unusual manner. He was told that as the previous judge had been transferred away, a new judge had come to his place. When called to appear, Bhakt Vasandaram ji presented himself and the judge got his statement recorded. At the time of the judgement, it was Shri Guru Maharaj Ji, sho pronounced the verdict in favour of the Bhakt, who was, in his sleep at home, at once woke up bouncing from the bed in joy. Then he sat pondering over the meaning of the dream, but soon wiped away its memory thinking it to be an illusion.
Next day, when he appeared before the judge and gave his ordinary statement, the later issued a decree and a judgement which went in his favour, exactly as he had seen in dream. Returning home, he went to attend the congregation at night. As soon as he reached there, he asked Swami ji about the dress of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji used to wear. As the disciple described the aureole of the preceptor’s sacred body and his dress, the Bhakt felt so overcome with love that he fell prostrate at the Lotus feet narrating the whole dream story, and also its happy ending of victory in the Suit, listening to which, Swami Ji;s eyes were filled with tears. The same very moment, the Bhakt ji begged to be forgiven expressing profuse regrets for the past mistakes. Then Bhakt Vasnadaram Ji got the Name-Word gurumantra. After some time he sought the apparel of a sanyasin from Shri Sadgurudev Ji, which given, he was christened as Swami Vicharatmanand Ji. Thus the fame of the holy saint spread all over Chakbandi area.
At Jhang
Arriving at Jhang from Chakbandi, Swami Ji started holding regular discurses at congregations in a gurudwara. A Large number of people there felt much impressed by the learned exposition of Bhakti Yoga(devotion towards Almighty) and became his followers. There were large numbers of devotees who took auspicious name-word. One devotee Pandit Sahib Ditamal, in his sacred service accompanied him upto Ramta(tour for spiritual upliftment). He asked Swami Ji on the way, “How do you manage at a place where you have no acquaintances? (As Pandit Ji knew that Swami Ji does not touch money)You must be finding it difficult to get proper food. Swami Ji?” The Swami Ji’s reply was, “You just keep on watching, brother. My Master is always with me. Why the I need to worry at all?”
Worry Thee Not, I’m there to take care of Thee
Thus by reaching at village where a Bhakt was coming to bathe at the canal. Seeing saffron-clad Swami Ji, he humbly invited him to have a meal at his home, saying. “Maharaj , I’m a revenue official. Please do come to my place; it will be sanctified by your holy presence. I would be just coming after taking a bath.” Swami Ji reached the Official’s home alongwith Pandit Ji. After a short-while the revenue official came and treated the guests to a delicious hearty meal. Looking at the sumptuous food, Pandit ji asked Swami Ji whether the host was already known to him, as people, generally speaking, give only alms to the Sadhus. Swami Ji replied, “I’ve already told you that someone else takes care of us.”
Wandering such feelings, he bade farewell to the village. Those days Swami Ji used to travel, as if in a trance or penance. His sense of sacrifice was also unique, scantly dressed as he would be in a robe and a ‘dhoti’, with a towel covering the head. He carried a cane-stick in hand and a holy book under the arm-pit. Thus guised, he would travel looking quite forlorn.
Wandering around many other villages, one day he reached Bhuwana Distt. Jhang. In the meantime, he kept on sending communications to Shri Maharaj Ji in the Frontier Province pleading for permission to have holy darshan. An annual Yajna was to be held at Bhuwana, where a saint belonging to the Niankari Faith lived in a cottage named Panjtirthi. He was the chief organizer of the annual yajna. He held Swami Ji in high esteem and special arrangements for his stay over there.
Swami ji was still present at the Bhuwana hermitage and two more days remained for the yajna to be concluded, when he received a kind letter from Shri Sadgurudev Ji, who was in Tal Buland in Frontier Province, permitting him to come for the holy darshan. On receiving this letter Swami Ji’s joy knew no bounds. His eyes brimming with tears, he sought Mahatma Ji’s permission to leave immediately but how could the latter agree, the former being his most loved one. Then Swami ji left the hermitage secretly and reached village Chakbandi breaking the happy news to all his followers there. The followers at the neighbouring village Khudayar were also informed. Accordingly Swami Ji alongwith his followers finally reached the destination. They all felt must enthused about the visit. Shri Sadgurudev Ji at that time was present at Krishan Dwara at Tal Buland. The sight of the most loved and the most revered His Holiness quenched the unbearable fire of separation with in Swami Ji. His eyes were flooded with tears, so much so that the holy feet were completely drenched.
Bholey Shankar
The fourth guru explains in his own words about the appreciation of Swami Nijatmanand Ji’s true devotion by Sadurudev Ji Himself:-
Once Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) came to the house of Bhakt Kishori Lal Ji at Jandiali Distt. Ludhiana. The humble slave(the fourth guru) was also a personal server of the Master at that time. It was summer and Shri Sadgurudev Ji was having a stroll in the balcony at night. Suddenly getting hold of my hand, he said, “lucky are you to have your peer in Swami Nijatmanand Ji, who is my own image. He, indeed is my heart that sways with a whole ocean of love and devotion for the guru, so much dedicated is he” I made a humble submission in reply, “No doubt, I’m fortunate enough to be graced by your goodself with such a worthy peer in whom I’ve impeccable trust and unflinching faith. Once, I chanced to see his right hand by some happy co-incidence and found a trident mark on it. According to the holy books, anyone who has such a mark on his body occupies the position of Lord Shiv Shankar in the realm of spirituality.”
Hearing this, Shri Sadgurudev Ji gave a hearty laugh and said, “Swami Nijatmanand Ji is in truth, a Bholey Shankar, You say that there is a mark of Trishul(trident) in his hand but if you watch the hand carefully you’ll find two such marks, that’s why I call him a Double Shankar. Swami Nijatmanand’s devotion is beyond any doubt and is completely devoid of cunning or conceit. “This in fact, is the path of love which knows no rules or laws and is beyond the reach of logic or reasoning.” In this manner the Master continued to glorify the spirit of devotion to guru as was his style.
Six Chief Saints
The activities concerning the spiritual upliftment undertaken by Guru’s Darbar had expanded to large extents. The revered Sadgurudev Ji had to travel a lot from one place to another drawn by the attraction of the loved-ones. This resulted in much fatigue to his sacred body. So special arrangements to run the affairs began to be contemplated. After a deep thought the Lord chose and appointed these six chief-saints as incharge of various activities :-
1. Swami Nijatmanand Ji    (Third Guru)    2. Swami Vairaganand Ji   3. Swami Beantanand Ji   
4  Swami Abhedanand Ji   5. Swami Ajunianand Ji  6. Swami Sat Vicharanand Ji
The Second Guru ordained them thus; “First you should hold mutual consultations in connection with some specific assignment; then, you can seek co-operation of other Mahatmas as well, if need be. In this manner, you’ve to run the activities and functions of Guru Darbar.”
Hint about Partition
Once Shri Sadurudev Ji proclaimed, “The holy darbar will reveal it inner glory only to that seeker who himself becomes like this. The time once past can never be recalled, however hard you may try. In due course, the fortunate ones will come to understand the reality. In the times of earlier saints also, the devotees were taken in by their own tricky minds. And only after the holy men had departed from the world, they began to be worshipped.
I can forsee a furious storm in the coming times that would inevitably uproot even the tallest of trees turning them upside down. Mothers will have to flee to save their own lives, leaving behind their small children. People will be either rendered homeless, they will have leave their homes and hearths. Those who take pride in their looks, wealth or family reputation will have to run for their lives, deserting all these. Great men of the world will disappear changing their forms, as they would not bear to witness these dark times with their own lives. Those who remain in refuge of the holy saints, will come to no harm. Just like the story of Prahlad.
A Completely Dedicated Service…
All the points narrated at Chakauri by Sadgurudev Ji came true before His departure regarding his devine darshan after 12 years in panels of glass and partition of the country in 1947.
Shri Swami Nijatmanand Ji reached Shri Nangli Sahib well before partition. He also motivated all the mahatmas, disciples and devotees to leave Pakistan well in time. He made several arrangements for their staying. He visited village to village, town to town, city to city to know the well being of the devotees without caring old age factor. Upto his last sigh he also devoted his remaining life for the development of Shri Nangli Sahib.
No word is suitable for His Praise.
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