"Bol Jaikara Bol Mere Shri Guru Maharaj Ki Jai.. Bolo Shri Nangli Niwasi Bhagwan Ki Jai.. Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji Maharaj Ji Ki Jai.. Bolo Shri Nijatam Bhagwan Ki Jai.. Shri Sar Bhagwan Ki Jai..!!".
  Shri Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji  
In all ages, in all countries and nations, the dedicated saints have been appearing from time to time in order to uphold the Truth and rejuvenate the essence of religion. As and when such souls came into being, the wounded and sapless mankind expressed its heart felt joy, laying all it had at their feet out of love and devotion. As a result the once despondent mankind resumed its journey on the path of religion under their banners. The world history is witness as to how the world had to traverse difficult paths and how it cried in pain, treading those paths and praying for redemption. Similarily, the evil and the good are also the part and parcel of such a divine system. There is also another law of eternal nature –just as the dark night is followed by the rise of daylight, in the same manner the mercy of the master is stirred as and when the dark evil begins to grow and the truth begins to decline and the falsehood and the irreligion have an upper hand. Only then the merciful Lord condescended to listen to their woeful pleas then dispatches a great divine soul to the earth from the heavens, or he himself assumes a human form in the tradition of Avatars.
Numerous are the reasons for the Re-incarnation theory as pronounced by Shruti Bhawgwati and Sages and Saints. The all blissful Brahmin assumes birth on this earthy abode in some mundane medium. The God loving saints continue to work for the alleviation of the sufferings of mankind through their supernatural deeds, and
for this very purpose they assum human form. They help the people, enmeshed in the dark webs of the senses and the body organs, to rise higher from the lower levels and know the inner reality of the Self, which is the ultimate goal of man’s life.
In the year 1902, His Holiness, the Most Reverred, the Most Learned Shri 1008 Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji Swami Advaitanand Ji Maharaj (First Guru) came to visit Teri from Sambhar, Rajasthan, accompanied by the devout follower Diwan Bhagwan Das Ji. A daily congregation was organized in honour of the esteemed visit. The devotees from near and far flung areas flocked to have holy darshan of Dada Gurudev. After few days Shri Shri 1008 Shri Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj (Second Guru) presented himself at the congregation. Having paid his obeisance, he sat down on one side. Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji took no time in recognizing his favourite disciple, as If a jeweler recognized a precious rare gem. Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji accosted him, “Have you come O Brother?” Only this much was heard from the corner, “Yes Maharaj Ji, I have come.” Shri Paramhans Dayal ji rejoined, “Well done, Brother or else, I would have gone to fetch you.” It was in fact, union between two great souls. Not only was it a confluence of two long separated souls but it was also a union of two spiritual peers. It seemed as if, it was like a union between Lord budha and Anand, Swami Ramanand Ji and Saint Kabir Ji or Paramhans Ramkrishna and Swami Vivkeanand Ji.
Shri Paramhans Dayal Jhad set out from his native place Chhapra in District Saran of Bihar, with a particular mission that found its fulfillment at Teri after a prolonged, tortuous and constant endeavour. With this happy union, the foundations for a revolutionary spiritual movement were laid.
To obey the order of Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji(Dada Gurudev) become the sole aim of the Second Guru, as such forgot all His personal sentiments and now His entire fortune was to carry out the orders and thus practise severe austerities and meditation at Agra.
Who cares for seconds, minutes, hours, days, nights, weeks, months, years, seasons passing but never He felt perturbed by the heat of the scorching sun by noon or the cold at nights. He bore summer, winter, raining and storms on His delicate body. A long kurta(skirt) was His only dress. Far away from town in a jungle under the Neem Tree the Second Guru, absorbed in his own ecstasy, roamed in quite a different world in a gufa( a very tight cave 3-4 feet under the land). He had no attachment with any body whosoever. Many a resident of Agra, who was totally unaware of His name and whereabouts, felt attracted by this Great Soul and placed some eatables near His seat with a thought He might accept them. But the Yogeshwar, the Second Guru, had no affinity for eating/drinking. Only boiled neem leaves He used to eat. As such His divine body reduced to skelton. In this way, many seasons came, displayed their effects and departed. Shri Sadguru Dev Ji, the Second Guru, sometimes repeated the action of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and sometimes resorted to severe practices like Mahatma Buddha After initiation, He lost all interest in worldly affairs. Now only purpose had in mind i.e. renunciation, He even had forgot Himself and merged with the Supreme Power. One faquir has really explained similar teachings in his wordings;-
“Perfection lies in losing your separate entity altogether Merge yourself in Him, ‘O’ seeker, for that alone is the real union.”
As such the Second Guru completed the task assigned by the nature for mass awakening worldwide
As per directions of the First Guru with a view to expand the area of spiritual discourse, the Second Guru visited Lakki Marwat. Bhakt Hemraj Ji( Third Guru) was His faithful devotee and served Him with great faith and love. He had so much faith and affection for Him that whenever he saw the Second Guru, he used to be so happy and absorbed that he even lost consciousness of his body. Tears always roll over in affection as a mark of true devotion and his eyes never remain dry out of ecstasy till he remained in his divine body. One day after the spiritual discourse, arrangement for the stay of Second Guru’s was done in a Haveli (an open ground having walls all around and was without roof). On that day in the evening huge raining was observed, A devotee named Bhakt Hemraj Ji (the third Guru later known as Swami Nijatamanand Ji) who was most faithful worried a lot that Sadgurudev Ji(the Second Guru) was feeling difficulty due to heavy raining as there was no roof and He was staying in open.
When Bhakt Hemraj Ji having Lalten(lamp) in hand reached that place so that Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) could be shifted to a House. Bhakt Hemraj Ji was surprised to note the strange scene there, at a five-five feet distance all around from the sacred bed of Sadgurudev ji, not even a single drop of rain occurred and that place was totally dry. As bhakt ji took seat after bowing with high respect before the Second Guru. Shri Sadgurudev Ji asked “this time in a night how you have come here” Here Bhakt Ji was thinking that the Second Guru is Himself a Almighty and a thought came in mind that his idea was merely like showing of a Deepak(lamp) to the sun. Sometime sentiments can not be expressed in words, at this Bhakt Ji replied “we thought in a storm of raining how you had been staying in an open ground and we have come here to shift your goodself in a house. On listening the reply Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) stated “Bhai(brother) there is no raining here, if it happens then we move alongwith you.” Bhakt ji instantly bowed again at the sacred feet of Shri Sadgurudev Ji, tears started flowing out of ecstasy and said that at every place there was raining, but here is no rain, what is secret in it, you know your own acts.” This act of nature was spread far and wide, but shri Maharaj Ji advised not to discuss this, as this is the sign of great saints who never like their praises.
Second Guru sojourned at Bhakhrewali Ashram for over a fortnight. Then one day he decided to leave. The news made the devotees weep and some of them even fell unconscious. Shri Maharaj Ji comforted them saying, “We’ve yet to do much for the spiritual uplifment, but time at our disposal is very short. You would better attend congregational duties besides the wordly ones. We’ll be coming back soon.” Then the gathering piteously cried out, “Don’t go, the Giver-one, for Life without you will be unbearable.” Hearing this Shri Sadgurudev Ji raised His both Lotus hands saying, Swami Nijatmanand Ji (Third Guru) will still remain here. After I have departed. It’s courtesy of the Swami that you all have been united with me. He is a very dear and true devotee of mine. I bid him to remain with you. Regards him as me, he being my other form. Anyone who distinguishes one from the other will surely came to harm; anyone who considers us apart deserves to be termed as ignorant. Let no one from this day regard us different from each other; and it’s my command.”
Hearing this Swami Nijatmanand Ji (Third Guru) cried bitterly, “I do not deserve all this praise my Master, just keep me at your lotus-feet.” Weeping thus, he fell unconscious at the holy feet. Raising him up, Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) said “Those who hanker after honours fail to achieve them; and those who giving up all pride and ego, lose themselves in name-recitation, achieve the honour of becoming my own form. I bestow on you the honour of taking my place here. Though you don’t need such an honour. I bid you to lead the congregation of this area on the path of name-recitation, thus spreading the message of love.”
The great visionary and the most loved one of all Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) had propagated the concept of sharnagati(complete surrender) amongst the common people in the Frontier Province. The same old concept of total surrender to the Guru was also propagated in Punjab affecting lot of devotees there.
During Shri Swami Nijatmanand Ji’s missionary visit to Malpur Gojra in 1925, where Bhakt Desraj Ji(Fourth Guru later known as Shri Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji Maharaj) availed of the opportunity of having his holy darshan.
On repeated requests of devotees Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) accompanied by Swami Nijatamanand Ji(Third Guru) and some other mahatmas came from Chakauri to Salaarwala Railway Station, where He was received by a large number of devotees. His arrival had caused waves and waves of joyous excitement in the minds of devotees. Next day the devotees of Bhakhre wali came to know about the arrival of Shri Maharaj Ji. The Fourth Guru(Shri Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji Maharaj) also among the devotees had privilege of having divine darshan of His Holiness . The fourth guru wondered that a glow of pure white light pervaded the whole room. Gracefully seated, Shri Maharaj Ji looked more beautiful than the full moon of the sharad poornima night. The only thought that struck into the minds of fourth guru that in seeing the Second Guru’s divine presence, eyes long cherished wish fulfilled for time not known since when separated from the fountain head of love and affection. As a result now the fourth guru appeared to have suddenly turn alien, in home where he had spent long fourteen years felt as unknown. After some time His Holiness Sadgurudev ji asked to leave so that others could have their turn to see him, but thought of separation made him restless.
Special Acts of Shri Maharaj ji
The great soul’s playful acts surprise us, although those special acts indicate their divine manifestation. It is indeed difficult to untangle this mystery. His extraordinary spiritual powers as well as performances can not be confined to any limits. Those were indeed fortunate people, who were present and had seen such acts and experienced His Divine personality. His father Shri Kanshi Ram had deep affection for Shri Maharaj Ji. Whenever Shri Kanshi Ram Ji as a devotee of Maa Bhagwati used to attend Night Congregation accompanying Shri Maharaj Ji. At the very childhood Shri Maharaj Ji started singing devotional songs, which were praised by everyone. With the most of time remain attached listening different spiritual musics.”
Shri Maharaj Ji would often set a wooden Choki, spread a Cloth on it and then sing hyms in praise of the God. After that Shri Maharaj Ji would distribute sweets among present children. In this way, it became almost a routine. How could the ordinary people understand the motives behind, though strange they sounded to be. By seeing such a practice family members used to name Shri Maharaj Ji as Bhakt Ji, Pandit Ji, Gosian Ji.
At the age of five He was admitted in a private school in village Bhakhrewali. As soon as School Teacher Sam Sahab looked at you. Was very much attracted. Teacher Sam Sahab shower extreme love on you. From third class Shri Maharaj Ji was migrated to school situated at village Gunna Gojra, where Mehar Chand Ji was his Teacher. When Shri Maharaj passed class third and entered fourth. One day when elder brother Shri Sohan Lal Ji happened to see that class teacher Pandit Milkhi Ram was beating to your goodself due to non-solution of a question. His elder brother couldn’t tolerate such incident and after that your worldly education gets restricted.
He was often induced to acquire professional education, but one, who was Himself the ocean of spiritual knowledge, did hardly need it. Pressed by the family members, He admitted in an institution for learning ‘munimi’ (Accountancy) at Sangla Hind Mandi, where near to the institution his sister Dhandevi resides, but never had any interest in the course. Therefore the course duration of one year get completed in three year. He had great interest in religion and wherever fined Saint. He would follow start discussion on some spiritual topic. He used to ask wether bookish knowledge alone was the measure to know the depth of one’s understanto learnling? Greatness, according to Him, lay in knowing one’s own self
The First Glimpse of Third Guru
When Shrisadguru Dev Ji (Second Guru) was at Kanpur, he exhorted Swami Nijatmanand Ji to go to West Punjab and undertake the task of illuminating the darkened minds of the people gone astray. Bidding farewell to the lotus feet, Swami Nijatmanand Ji boardedthe train at Kanpur. Due to the agony of separation, his mind still remained with the holy feet all through the journey, though he would chage train where so ever needed. Thus travelling, he reached Mandi Chak Jhumra in Distt. Layallpur after eight days and finally got down from the train. No one here knew him before hand but strange, indeed, is the ways of Saints. Just imagine what a strong motivation took him to a far-flung area, the inhabitants of which must have deserved through their virtuous deeds such a blessed visit of the Swami Ji(Third Guru) as wished by Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru). Swami Ji led a life of isolation and was clad as simply as his disposition. He never touched money, like his preceptor.
One day Bhakt Sohan Lal the real brother of the Shri Maharaj JI (Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji, Fourth Guru), came from his village Bhakrewali to attend Swami Ji’s congregation at Malpur Gojra. Listening to the inspired teachings, he felt so much overwhelmed that on his return to the village he said, “There are two saints on a visit to Gojra, who are apparently dressed as ordinary Mahatmas, but are, in fact, incarnations of the Lord.” Those days the Fourth Guru was studying at the Village school. Hearing the praise of Swami Ji from his brother’s mouth, he felt stirred deep within, and began to believe that his fortunes were about to change. Overpowered by an acute wish to go for the holy darshan immediately, he headed for Malpur Gojra, all alone, taking some humble token of gift with him. His motive, for the time being was to satisfy his curiosity. His elders, too, tried to dissuade him saying, “You are just a child; don’t go alone, if, at all, you are bent on going, then take someone along. When we go to have the holy darshan, you can accompany us.” But the magnetic attraction being too powerful to resist, the humble child was on his way. Rest of the story in Fourth Guru’s own words:-
“When I had the first glimpse of the venerable Saint at Malpur Gojra and paid my obeisance at his feet, it seemed to me as if this life, as well as the previous ones, had been sanctified, and an old tie had been revived. His very first glimpse filled my heart with immense ecstasy, as if all joys had burst forth suddenly overflowing the mind with such a bliss as can’t be described in words. Further, it appeared as if I had his holy darshan in some earlier too, at some other place. But there was no denying the fact that this was our first meeting in this birth, as regards the present physical existence. Some how, the secret lay dormant in the deep recesses of some mundane mystery. After a while, Swami Ji asked this humble servant, “Tell me, my son, whether you practice of religious worship or not.” I replied, “Maharaj Ji, I don’t know what worship is and how it is done. I’m only thinking since how long have we known each other? I’m at a loss to know how to sing your glory and in what words. Something tells me that you are my true Master.”
I, in a truly humble manner stood transfixed with wonder, gazing at the Swami Ji’s face, feeling the tides of ecstasy rising within. It appeared as if this slave was in front of a vision, which though was earthly, was ethereal in form, as if my soul was trying to identify the divine soul. Thus starting at the fascinating face, I felt as if Swami Ji was eyeing me from the corner of his eyes perhaps, in an attempt to recognize a lost servant. As the Swami Ji raised his eye-lids he seemed to be opening doors to a new world. He spoke very few words, but his eyes communicated much more. Perhaps words fail to express fully the intensity of love within sometimes; silence is more eloquent-particluarly in love. For some time this exalted conversation continued. Then I, the most obedient servant of His Holiness, said, “When shall I get the new Name-word Swami Ji, of which you have been talking so far? Swami Ji laughed, saying; “Why not now. But that is possible only when you part with your head.” I was amazed to listen to these words thinking if the head was gone, who would get the Name-Words. Swami Ji reiterated his condition which I willy nilly accepted thinking that Swami Ji was asking for it only for the sake of asking but he actually wouldn’t take my head.” Then Swami Ji asked for a chopper to be brought and said, “Get ready now, I’ll first chop off your head, only then you will get the Name.” This was going to be the moment of ordeal, but never the less, I was worried that my head would actually be taken off and there was no dear one close to save me at this moment of peril. But simultaneously another thought crossed my mind that if I was to die like this, who would be given the Name-word, and who would recite it. A call came from the inner recesses of mind then that I should instantly and gladly offer my heas. Obeying the call, I bowed my head at the Lotus-feet, saying, “Maharaj Ji, this head now belongs to you. Cop it off or keep it with you.” These words of mine brought tears to his eyes, then overwhelmed with tenderness he said, “I was just putting your love to test; and your devotion, undoubtebly, is steadfast. This head of yours is mine from this moment and you are taken into the fold.” Then he uttered this doha:-
‘Yeh tan vish ki belri hari amrit ki Khan
Sees diye jo hari miley to bhi sasta jaan
Explaining this he said, “If you are able to get the name-word even at the cost of your head, the bargain is really worth-while. This body is just like a poisonous creeper on which grow diverse fruits of worldly lusts and desires. Such a deadly growth must be cut off using the axe of guru’s wisdom and its place, the seeds of Lord’s name and of the immortal fruit to be sown.”
When I, humble slave of his, offered my head at the Gurudev’s feet, I was immediately blessed with ‘guru mantra’ or the ‘sacred word’; it was the same very mantra which had been practiced for long. Listening to it, my whole inner being was instantly suffused with eternal love. It seemed to be already pervading all over inner self. Perhaps I had lost sight of his hidden treasure within me while I was wandering purposelessly from pillar to post in search of it. At that moment my only thought was that I should not be separated from my master even for a second. This feeling is summed up in:
‘Satguru aisa bed bataaya, aaya nazar nirala,
daage manke bazon Ander dam dam firdi mala,
tilak nishani trikuti Ander, ditha khas ujala,
Dasandas daya guru kiti, metia yam ka pala’
After this the Swami Ji announced, “You can go home now, as your village is not far off. Whenever you feel like you may come to see me.” I didn’t feel like going back home, but had to go, obeying the command of the guru. Several kith and kin and other villagers from Bhakrewali started coming to Malpur Gojra in order to have holy darshan. I continued to visit Swami Ji for ten years at a stretch. Several loved devotees belonging to Bhakrewali jointly prayed to Swami Ji for his kind visit to the village, after having held mutual consultations.
Merely at the age of hardly twelve years Shri Maharaj Ji(fourth guru) moulded His life with the times and achieved that ideal in life, which others would follow and as such cross the ‘Bhavsagar.’ The true love and selfless service at the Master’s feet and firmly observed throughout His life the delicate relationship between master and the disciple.
Blessings of Gosian Ji
During those days Shri Maharaj Ji’s family master(kul guru) Shri Gosian Moti Ram Ji once visited their house. Shri Maharaj Ji’s father and uncle(father’s elder brother) had deep devotion towards Gosian Ji. As Shri Maharaj Ji’s strong desire to become sadhu was not acceptable to the family members. Hence his family members insisted Gosain Ji to restrict Shri Maharaj Ji to give up the idea of spiritualism. On the face of it Gosain Ji accepted the request in presence of the family members but in isolation expressed pleasantness over the idea of become saint. As such motivated Shri Maharaj Ji to remain in this field for Spiritual upliftment and mass awakening.
Plan of Ashram at Bhakhrewali
All the devotees availed the benefit from the congregations. For the several days the preaching continued. Few of the devotees then thought of building an Ashram in the village which would be a permanent place for the holy saints to come to, and stay at. Then some more devotees, all jointly entreated Swami Ji to give permission for building a cottage there. One day Swami Ji acceding to the request when along with them and chose a suitable plot for the purpose. Soon the preparation was under way, as a land had been formally donated by Sardar Bhagwan Singh Ji and Sardar Harnam Singh Ji.
Swami Ji stayed at Bhakrewali for over a fortnight before a returning to Gojra
It is pertinent to note here that Shri Sadgurdev Ji(Second Guru) had sent his closest devotee Swami Nijatmanad Ji(Third Guru), to Punjab in order to awaken the slumbering people there and to guide them to the path of righteousness kindled with the light of true knowledge. Wandering from village to village in accord with the guru’s command. Swami Ji spread the holy message to all beings, in every nook and corner. This great endeavour of his helped many flagging and old souls to rejuvenate themselves. As Shri Sadgurudev Ji set his foot on the soil they all surrendered themselves at his feet, seeking the supreme refuge (Sharnagati) they became Mahatmas adoring their ideal i.e. Shri Sadgurudev Ji. This detailed account has been given with a view to drive home the context in the minds of devotees, of great mission Swami Ji undertook.
Meeting of Shri Maharaj Ji (Fourth Guru) with the Second Guru
Swami Vairaganand Ji, a dedicated follower of Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) was in Sind Province on the ordained mission of awakening the people from the slumber of attachments. Swami Vairaganand Ji presented himself at the lotus feet of Shri Maharaj Ji at Chakauri praying to Him to undertake a visit to Sindh. Shri Maharaj ji accepted the request and visited Lukhi, Garela and some other places in 1927 obliging the devotees by His sacred darshan and spiritual discourses. In the meantime several devotees belonging to Layallpur and Jhang areas sent request letters to Shri Maharaj ji to visit at their place. As such Shri Maharaj ji accompanied by Swami Nijatamanand ji and some other mahatmas came from Chakauri to Salaarwala Railway Station, where He was received by a large number of devotees. Bhakt Radha Krishan from Malpur Gojra was also amongst them. Drawn by his sincere love and devotion, Shri Sadguru Dev Ji consented to pay a visit to Gojra. From the Railway Station, they reached Gojra on tongas. His arrival there caused waves and waves of joyous excitement in the minds of the devotees. In no time, the happy news spread to the neighbouring villages also. All the devotees began flocking to the village leaving everything back.
Next day devotees at village Bhakrewali came to know of Shri Sadgurudev Ji’s arrival. Their whole congregational Sangats gathered at the place for holy darshan of Shri Maharaj Ji.
The fourth Guru explains the first ray of the benign grace in his own writings:-
“Me Myself a humble servant of the fold was also one of them, thus having privilege of having divine darshan of His Holiness Most Revered Data Deen Dayal Ji (Second Guru) for the first time in Decmber 1927. It was as if the first ray of his benign grace had fallen on this humble servant. It was the auspicious time of early morning. Shri Sadgurudev Ji (Second Guru) was seated on a well-adorned seat in a room at bhakt Radha Krishan’s residence. There was no light of even an earthen lamp nearby. This slave was burning with an acute desire for the divine darshan. And, when the turn to do so came, the immense joy couldn’t be contained within, and it began to flow out of the heart through the eyes which had been thirsting for the divine darshan for a long time. A grow of pure white light pervaded the whole room. My awe-inspired eyes one moment beheld the exquisite face of Shri Sadgurudev Ji and the next moment they looked at the diffused light, wondering from where it was coming: Gradually seated, Shri Sadgurudev Ji looked more beautiful than the full moon fo the Sharad Poornima night, Swami Nijatmanand ji (third guru) stood near the holy seat. Then I, this humble slave, asked Swami Ji whether the seated personage was the Guru Maharaj. He answered in the affirmative, saying, “Yes, he is the Lord of all of us.” At the moment I felt as if I was looking at the embodied figure of the Almighty Omnipresent God. The only thought that struck my mind then was that in seeing the divine presence my eyeshade a long-cherished wish fulfilled, for I knew not since when I had got separated from the fountain-head of love and affection. The fascinating beauty of his face permeated through every particle of my being, then settling at the core. My home where I had spent fourteen long years of my life appeared to have suddenly turned alien. After some time, His Holiness Sadgurudev Ji asked me to leave so that others could have their turn to instantly given my heart to the loved-one. However, hard it was to bear, I had to leave, but felt restless at home, too.
Having stayed at Malpur Gojra Shri Sadgurudev Ji returned to Chakbandi along with the devotees. Bhakt Vasanda Ram Ji and other followers prayed that they would not let him go any more. Devotees belonging to nearby villages would come beseeching Shri Sadgurudev Ji to oblige them with a visit to their native their places, but the devotees belonging to Chakbandi wouldn’t allow this. Congregations were held day and night filling the hearts of the participants with so much love that all of them agreed that if at all there was heaven on earth, it was verily there and nowhere else. Whenever Shri Sadgurudev Ji went out for his evening walks, the loved ones would spread their turbans or rolls of new cloth, on the path he was to take. Thus he spent about two months at Chakbandi, where he had come towards the end of Magghar (as per hindu calendar). During this period Bhakt Kashi Ram Ji, Bhakt Ram Lal Ji, Bhakt Brij Lal Ji and Bhakt Nirmal Dass Ji also came alongwith their families and stayed there for a month availing them of the opportunity of having daily darshan of His Holiness Shri Sadgurudev Ji.
As the month of Feburary, 1928 was approaching its end when the devotees belonging to Bhakrewali Chak No. 136 came and prayed to Shri Sadgurudev Ji to oblige them with a kind visit. He consented but the devotees of Chakbandi could not tolerate the separation. So secret plan made by the devotees of Bhakrewali made Shri Sadgurudev Ji laugh heartily. Thus merrily singing the devotional songs they all brought Shri Sadgurudev Ji to the village at about ten in the night. This was His first visit to Bhakrewali for the benefit of the devotees there, who had been yearning for the divine darshans for a long time.
Blessing to sing self composed songs-miracle
Shri Sadgurudev Ji (Second Guru) was carrying on with His devotional discourses as usual staying at Bhakhrewali. Before an actual discourse some devotees would offer to sing hyms in praise of the Master, then they would sing pray for Shri Sadgurudev Ji to come and grant holy darshan(divine presence) to the audience.
Now the Foruth explains the whole blessings of Shri Sadgurudev Ji on him in his own words:-
At that time this humble servant was fourteen years of physical age and fond of singing devotional songs. One day Shri Sadgurudev Ji asked me lovingly, “You sing Bhajans here everyday. Have you composed yourself or do you take from some booklet, I humbly replied “My Lord! I take the songs from the text authored by Mahatama Bali Nath Ji Yogi entitled Dharam Prachar.” Hearing this reply Shri Sadgurudev Ji said, “No one can satisfy his hunger licking the container discarded after use, I command you to offer only the self composed songs here. Everyone can sing songs composed by others, but true praise of the Guru involves personal experience, just as a sweet delicacy has to be tasted in original, for its enjoyment and not through the written or spoken words of others. How can you really enjoy singing songs written by others?”
Failing to comprehend the full import of the words,I only prayed “Shri Sadgurudev Ji ! This humble slave of yours is totally ignorant and not yet capable of composing devotional songs.” I was of the view at that time only the truly great and worth personages could write poetry books or hymns. I foolishly said, “Shri Sadgurudev Ji, It’s not my job to write such songs, how shall I be able to do this? Shri Sadgurudev Ji said “we command you to give up your ego or i-ness, which is not at all helpful in writings songs of devotions, by tomorrow, you will have to write one such song.” Having been thus commanded, I got somewhat got afraid of a thought to strike the mind as to how i shall be able to have a look at divine presence without a song, to write which was virtually beyond me failure to do so would enrage Shri Sadgurudev Ji, what shall I do now? I thought.
The next day dawned without resolving my predicament. When Shri Sadgurudev Ji asked me whether I had accomplished the task, I humbly prayed, “Kindly forgive me, my inability to abide by your wish, Maharaj Ji. Hearing this Shri Sadgurudev Ji( Second Guru), placed His holy hand over my head and holding my arms and very tenderly by the other, said, “I know you are unable to write devotional songs. But you have to compose one, for it is my order.”
Hearing these treasured words of Shri Sadgurudev Ji, I felt as if someone hidden deep within the shrine of my heart was exhorting me to write particular words. I stood awestruck as to who was uttering the words, which also began to float around me as if of their own volition. At that very moment this humble servant, sat to write the words as dictated by the subtle voice within.
The following day when the darshans were allowed, I humbly offered this ordinary song at the lotus feet of Shri Sadgurudev Ji. First line of the song described below
“Sant roop dhar aaye, satguru san troop dhar aaye”
Meaning:- The holy Sadguru has appeared in the form of a saint.
As You Feel, So Shall You See
Delighted with the song, Shri Sadgurudev Ji proclaimed, “It’s my command that you shall compose devotional songs in future, and sing them too. “After some time I thought that the devotees addressed him as Saint Ji or Shri Maharaj Ji, but his beautiful, glowing face had created another kind of urge in me. It seemed my eyes would never get tired of drinking in the fascinating charm of his lotus like looks. He was such a divine presence that everyone felt drawn towards him, as if towards a magnet. Many of the devotees had heard it said about Shri Maharaj Ji that he would assume several forms at a time or could go changing forms seated at a place. But when I myself got to experience the veracity of the matter. I couldn’t but bow my head before the holy presence in total devotion.</div.
Surpeme Refuge of the Fourth Guru at the Holy Feet…A toughest test
The great visionary and the most loved-one of all, Shri Sadgurudev Ji (Second Guru) had propagated the concept of Sharnagati (total surrender) amongst the common people in the Frontier Province. The same old concept of total surrender to the Guru(Master) was also propagated in Punjab affecting lots of devotees there. Whosoever once had the sight of him, felt drawn to him instantaneously, loosing all the self consciousness. Such a fortunate one then surrendered everything at the lotus feet of the revered deity. Thousands of devotees sought the supreme refuge from time to time. The Fourth Guru too took supreme refuge not easily but crossing millions of hurdles on his was. The Second Guru was fully satisfied over Shri Maharaj Ji’s embodiment of service, renunciation, devotion and love. He served the Master personally with great love and devotion. Shri Maharaj Ji fully proved the truth that there is an intimate wireless connection (telepathy) between the hearts of the devotee and the Master. But what test a perfect disciple has to pass is beyond description.
The Fourth Guru narrated his deep desire in supreme refuge in his own divine writing:-
During Swami Nijatamanand Ji’s, (third guru’s) missionary visit to Malpur Gojra in year 1925, this humble servant availed of the opportunity to have His holy darshan and siiting at His sacred feet. Finally I sought the Word-Name from Him. When His Holiness Shri Sadgurudev Ji came to Gojra in 1926. I had the good fortune of having His holy darshan(divine meeting). Shri Sadgurudev Ji gave me the secret name and apparel, but the members of my family were against this change. Whenever, I expressed the desire to attend the congregation, or actually went to attend it, I was given a severe thrashing. As regards my father he really wished that I should remain in service at the sacred feet.
The credit for whatever I could achieve on the path of spirituality goes to my respected father. He strengthened my will and devotion by his love and sympathy. He also inwardly wished that I should become an ascetic, but prompted by others, he would outwardly urge me to stay home.
After sometime my father left for his heavenly abode, but my mind continued to cling to the idea of renunciation. One day my feet were fettered and I was kept confined to a room so that I couldn’t run away. For two or three days I remained without food or water within the four walls of the room from where my mother let me out taking pity on me. As soon as I came out and ran towards the herimtage situated at the distance of one mile from Bhakhrewali. Reaching there, I bowed at the holy feet, praying, “This humble servant of yours wants to put an end to this wretched life, not being able to bear the forced separation any longer. Since my family won’t let me come to you, what’s the use of living any more? Getting angry, Shri Sadgurudev Ji said, “Who are you to end your existence on your own? Since you claim to have surrendered your all at my feet, you hold no right now on your body, nor are you any more concerned with the joys and sorrows of life. The crux of the matter is that your spirit of devotion will be strengthened and more enduring through these ordeals, I order you to return home now and earn sainthood within the domestic walls. Only when you get the permission from your family you can pay a visit here. And, mind it, never again think of putting an end to your life, for it would be the dimmest of all the vile sins. This body of yours now belongs to me; you’ve forfeited your entire claim to own it forthwith.”
Thus on the advice of Sadgurudev Ji, I returned home. I began to wear a long robe called Alfi. I would spend most of the time outside the village filling my belly with the alms begged at the doors of my kith and kin. My family members declared me to be insane considering my wanderings from door to door for alms. They went to the extent of picking up quarrels with the relatives, accusing them of spoiling me with their liberal alms. Forced by my family, they stopped giving me alms. For three or four days I had to live on the bers(a topical fruit). I would name some Muslim households. At this all thrashings ceased and I was allowed to beg for alms in the village.
Thus a few months passed by. Apparently Shri Sadgurudev Ji had ordered me not visit the Hermitage and also had accused the fourth guru of speaking ill of the fold but inwardly He continued to be kind to me. During His long walks he would come much farther in the jungle providing me an opportunity to have his darshan. My family gradually began to feel convinced that Shri Sadgurudev Ji was in their favour and had turned against me. Some more days flew by. One day out of utter despair, I thought of some other plan, as I believed my family to be reconciled to the situation I was in. I started to float a rumour saying here and there, “I’ll finally proceed to a far off place of pilgrimage like Katasraj, renouncing my home and hearth. There I’ll seek the refuge of some other saint as Shri Sadgurudev Ji is not willing to let me seek his blessings. Though I’ve suffered much on his account, yet he denies me permission even to enter the herimtage. In view of all this, I will seek apparel of ‘sanyaas’ from some other great saint.
This gossip now convinced my family of my intentions to leave home for good. Only then they started saying to me, “Don’t think of going away. You may visit Shri Sadgurudev Ji if you like.” I would reply back, “Not again I will go to Shri Sadgurudev Ji, who is not prepared to keep me with him.” The family members after mutual consultations then approached Shri Sadgurudev Ji one day, praying that he should take me under his protective wings. Refusing to do so he said, “How can I think of keeping your ward here? You have talked ill of the hermitage everywhere, accusing me of having caused the ruin of many a household. Since I’ve ruined the life of your ward, as you say, I don’t want to have even the sight of him. He has no place here.” But all these protests were mere pretensions or an outward show. Inwardly, I knew I had his kind blessings with me, as I had always been the humble recipient of his benedictions.
“Quite woe- bygone and strange was these days when my hair had grown quite long and untidy, and I kept sitting a place for hours together. At the bidding of Shri Sadgurdev Ji, his
favorite devotees come to me singing his praises, but after they had left, I would sit vacantly thinking as to what this life is. Shri Sadgurudev Ji would not allow me to come near Him. In sheer disappointment I then tried to concentrate on the name-recitation. One day when I was sitting under a tree of wild straw berries feeling as if in trance, these words escaped my lips, let us go now, as soon as I uttered these words escaped my lips, “Let’s go now.” As soon as I uttered these words the tree started moving. Similarly, when I spoke these words to a wall, it also came into a motion. Then Shri Sadgurudev Ji appeared in my imagination and pronounced, “Don’t waste away your time and energy in such idle pursuits, in a way it is a childish game.” Humbly abiding by the command, I gave up in taking interest in the miracles, which was of course a wrong use of some special powers
Sh. Kundan Singh Paharia, a chosen devotee of Shri Sadgurudev Ji, would come to me every night he would bring for me the benediction from Shri Sadgurudev Ji in the form of ‘Prasad’. In a secret manner, Shri Sadgurudev Ji had assigned me the duty of looking after the needs of the congregation. I would collect beddings etc. from the village house-holds for the hundreds of devotees who would keep coming to the herirnitage. Finding me in a state of cozy fervor my kith and kin to regard me as insane. One of them said, pointing at my untidy long hair, “Why don’t you wash your head.” He then himself took the trouble of giving my head a thorough wash, also applying oil, which gave my hair a good shine, but I didn’t relish all this, and smeared my head with a handful of ash from hearth.
One night I was lying in a casual manner when hosts of ants began to climb over me heading for my head. Some devotees from the congregation came and saw the strange site of my ant-infested head. The bliss of such craziness can’t really be described in words. Shri Sadgurudev Ji seemed so close and kind to me that I could converse with Him even while actually sitting a far. All the time I felt myself seated at His sacred lotus feet.
Gradually my kindred were coming round the view that I should be offered at the feet of Shri Sadgurudev Ji, but on the surface He didn’t appear to be prepared to accept me as yet. One day I was sitting wrapped up in a sheet outside the village, when my mother came to me, along with some other women from the neighborhood. “What are your plans now?” She asked me.
“I don’t know where I shall go.” I answered. Then standing above my head started beating her breast as if mourning the loss of someone. This was the last weapon she was using against me. “You are dead to me,” she cried out. While she was thus creating an ugly scene, I envisaged myself seated at the lotus feet of Shri Sadgurudev Ji. I said to mother, “Since you deem me a dead person now, how can the dead return home?” Mother replied, “If you have really made up your mind never to return home, I would rather offer you at the holy feet, but don’t please go anywhere else. If you decide to remain in the hermitage, I may get the opportunity to see you occasionally.”
Getting this assurance, I returned home and took a seat in a corner. At night Shri Sadgurudev Ji again appeared in my vision, announcing, “Ask your kindlered to come here, alongwith some chiefs and respectable persons of the villages around, to pray and also to provide evidence that they would be offering you at my feet at their own accord.” The command was obeyed in letter and spirit next morning. The Members of my family, alongwith some village chiefs and a few hundred other people, reached the holy abode of the Guru. My mother was the first to pray, saying, “Maharaj Ji, kindly take this boy under your tutelage forgiving us for any impudence on our part in criticising you during all this time.” The atmosphere was too somber at the time to be described in words. Shri Sadgurudev Ji broke the awkward silence after sometime, saying, “I accept your prayers but let me first myself talk to the boy.” Then, addressing this humble servant,
Shri Sadgurudev Ji said, “You have been denigrating me and the whole sect for the last three years besides causing pain to your parents. This has done a lot of harm to our holy cause. How can then we agree to take you under our tutelage?”
I humbly prayed, “Kindly pardone this slave of yours for any impudent behaviour.” Shri Maharaj Ji. Since separation from your Holiness was not unbearable to me, nor was you willing to take me under your care, I was rather disrespectful in my speech and action, for which I beg to be forgiven forthwith. I promise to be in your kind service in future.” Shri Sadgurudev Ji then said “Well, you’ll be given the apparel of a Sanayasin.” After a while He addid, “But you will not be initiated personally by me, it would be better if you returned home and got married, leading a life of comforts and pleasures.” At this my mother prayed, “Kindly do the favour of granting sanyas to my son, or else I may loose him as he is sure to get far away from home.”
Shri Sadgurudev Ji said, “I won’t give him sanyas with my own hands. Better you did it. Are you willing to do so?” Mother’s reply was in the affirmative. Then Shri Sadgurudev Ji asked someone to fetch a saffron coloured stitched robe. Giving this to mother, He asked her to put it over me if she so wished. The mother did accordingly it was 12 O’Clock in the middle of the night. About 300 ascetics and over 2000 devotees were present there.Then,addressing my mother Shri Sadgurudev Ji said, “Do you know who is covered with a sheet , or a shroud?
“A corpse,” my mother replied. “Do you believe, then, that your son is dead now?” asked Shri Sadgurudev Ji. “Yes, I do”, said my mother calmly.
“If, as you say, your son is dead, then who is sitting in front of you?” was the next question.
”He is a disciple of Shri Sadgurudev Ji,” came the answer.
“Then, surely, you believe that he is no more your son; he is only a disciple now,” said the Saint.
“Yes, I do “say the worthy woman.
Shri Sadgurudev Ji, then said, “Bow your head before my disciple.” Getting the command, my mother touched my feet and folded her hands. At the moment my mind was wavering, and eyes brimming with tears. Reading my mind Shri Sadgurudev Ji asked, “Do you know why this lady has paid her respects to you? It’s because you are my disciple, and not her son. Now I command you to bow at her feet.” I did so, and at the bidding of Shri Sadgurudev Ji, I promised her, “Whenever you wish, I’ll come to you.”My mother felt so elated at the moments of the initiation ceremony that she made a handsome offering of victuals. Shri Guru Maharaj Ji then gave me the name of ‘Abholanand’. Thus the name that had been kept secret for the last three years was made public.
After a few hours, Shri Sadgurudev Ji proclaimned to all the Mahatmas present at the congregation:
‘Bhulan andar sab koi, abul guru kartar’
“Everyone is likely to forget, except the Guru or the Master”
That’s why he has been given high name. Then addressing me, he said, “Since you compose and sing the devotional songs very well, you are given the name of ‘Sar Shabdanand’ because it gives the message of seeking perfect bliss in the Holy Word, which is the essence , in true sense.” Having proclaimed this, Shri Maharaj Ji proceeded to cut off my tuft as per tradition. Performing the ceremony of initiation, he assigned to me the task of serving the congregation
With Sadguru as Oarsman, the Boat Sails Smoothly
Chak No. 45 was a village situated Sylvain surroundings in Distt. Sargodha of West Punjab (now in Pakistan). Its inhabitants were quite innocent, simple hearted and devoted to God-worship. Once a few prominent devotees of the village came to Bhakrewali Ashram to have the holy darshan of Shri Sadgurudev Ji. After a few days they beseeched the Master to visit their place for the benefit of the villagers. The master accepted their prayers, saying, I’ll just accompany you.” These precious words caused waves of thrill in the hearts of the listening devotees. In full swing was the rainy season of Monsoon. Shri Sadgurudev Ji, the uncrowned king of all hearts, left Bhakrewali with the entourage of about 40 Mahatmas and 30 admiring devotees. They went up to Chinyot dist. Jhang by train. Nearby a village railway over bridge was under construction. At that time the ‘ghat-authorities’ received a telegram cautioning them against plying boats. The waters in the river were rising fast and the river appears to be furious, causing terror in the minds of the onlookers. Shri Maharaj Ji said to the oarsman, “Take out your boats, we wish to go across.” When they refused to do so, Shri Sadgurudev Ji expressed his determination to travel across, come what may, that very day.
“Shri Maharaj Ji, the flood waters are increasing rapidly, it wouldn’t be possible to row the boats,” prayed the boatsmen. Giving a beatific smile at this answer, Shri Sadgurudev Ji said, “Please get your boats readied. If there’s a gain it will be yours; in case of loss I take the responsibility, rest assured.”
Getting this affectionate assurance, the boatsmen brought their boats to the bank. Shri Sadgurudev Ji’s decked cot was laid up in the centre of a boat, with devotees taking their seats around it. This presented a wonderful sight. All those present were quite cheerful with Shri Sadgurudev Ji amidst them giving holy darshan. When boat began to move again, the bullock ( who was also on the boat) got panicky, and in fright pushed a woman alongwith her lap-child, overboard causing a great hue and cry; and one of the devotee at once jumped into the water and having rescued them brought them into the boat, safe and sound.
At that time, Shri Maharaj Ji (the fourth guru) was also in service of the Lord. Shri Sadgurudev Ji asked him to sing a hymn as a river presented a beautiful scene. Obeying the command, humble disciple (the fourth guru) sang this song of praise in honour of Shri Sadgurudev Ji to the accompaniment of Dholak-Chimta. It was earlier composed by Swami Nijatmanand Ji.
“Satguru aaye tarne which kalyug de”
Meaning: – Shri Sadgurudev has descended on the earth in this dark age of kalyug in order to protect and uplift the true devotees.”
The devotees sitting in the boat followed in the singing of hymn in chorus inspired by Shri Sadgurudev Ji’s gracious presence.
While the boat was just crossing when it got swirled away by the strong current. Soon it found, itself circling round and entangled in mighty whirlpool. Worry was the bit large on the faces of boatmen, who feared the lest board should capsized. Bearing the impace of the tidal waves, the boat would almost overturn when it would be able to restore the balance instantly, while the whirling waves battled it on all sides. Faced with such a precarious situation the boatmen got prepared to save their own lives by jumping into the river leaving behind their oars. “Here we go” exclaimed they in great panic, “It’s difficult to survive now.” Hearing these words, all the passengers began to wail and cry loudly. Seeing them in distress, a smiling Sadgurudev Ji tried to comfort them, but the boatmen cried, “A Boat comprising 150 men capsized just the other day. No one knows where they have vanished. Here the water is very deep. The supporting pillars for the bridge as well as the measuring poll of thick steel meant to gauze the depth, have all disappeared under the sheet of the rising water. Standing on the other bank at a distance, the English contractor saw all these and immediately sent a steamer (fitted with an engine) to rescue the hapless passengers. One of the boatmen prayed, “Holy saints are supposed to be the Masters of nature, they can save a drowning man; but it’s strange, Shri Sadgurudev Ji, that another boat is on the way to rescue you, who should be the rescuer, why don’t you do something to help us all!” While the boatmen was thus praying and everyone else was quite despaired, Shri Sadgurudev Ji was laughing his heart away. Before the steamer could come near this boat in distress, to the utter surprise of all, they found their boat almost by the side of the bankl on the other side. Everyone was amazed what they saw. No one could ever understand the secret as to how the swirling boat had suddenly sailed smoothly to the opposite bank. There was no eyewitness either of the boat getting out of the deadly whirlpool.
The spectators on the other bank also stood stunned watching all this miracle act of Shri Sadgurudev Ji. They all fell at the holy feet; so much awe-inspiring was the personage. The English contractor particularly, stood wonder-struck. He took the holy saint to his bungalow and served him well, to his own benefit. He also arranged a lungar for the whole lot of devotees. But Shri Sadgurudev Ji on his own part paid handsome rewards the boatmen. As such Shri Sadgurudev Ji reached its destination alongwith devotees.
Shri Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji Maharaj(the fourth guru) was also in the service of the Master(Second Guru). Serving Him from morning to till night was such an enjoyable experience that it can’t be described appropriately. One day, Shri Maharaj Ji(the fourth guru) was washing clothes at the side of a pond outside the town, alongwith some other followers. A gentleman approached us while passing that way, and said, “Well children, what do you gain by serving Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) thus at this young age? Working for him day and night you seem to be oblivious to your own personal needs of food or clothing. Do you receive any wages for the work from Shri Sadgurudev Ji?” Then the Fourth Guru replied humbly, “Instead of giving us any salary, he takes it from us. When we‘ve once surrendered all we have, only then do we get the rare opportunity to serve him.
Really fortunate are we that our services are accepted by our Master, “The reply left the gentleman standing splashes.”
It is beyond the human intellect to judge what to gain from the selfless service and devotions towards Sadguru. Only one in cores seems to be enjoyed in sacrificing everything at his lotus feet with the object to attain Him.
A disclosure of Secret..Bhoely Shankar
The fourth guru explains in his own words about the appreciation of Swami Nijatmanand Ji’s true devotion by Sadurudev Ji Himself:-
Once Shri Sadgurudev Ji (Second Guru) came to the house of Bhakt Kishori Lal Ji at Jandiali Distt. Ludhiana. The humble slave (the fourth guru) was also a personal server of the Master at that time. It was summer and Shri Sadgurudev Ji was having a stroll in the balcony at night. Suddenly getting hold of my hand, he said, “Lucky are you to have your peer in Swami Nijatmanand Ji, who is my own image. He, indeed is my heart that sways with a whole ocean of love and devotion for the guru, so much dedicated is he” I made a humble submission in reply, “No doubt, I’m fortunate enough to be graced by your goodself with such a worthy peer in whom I’ve impeccable trust and unflinching faith. Once, I chanced to see his right hand by some happy co-incidence and found a trident mark on it. According to the holy books, anyone who has such a mark on his body occupies the position of Lord Shiv Shankar in the realm of spirituality.”
Hearing this, Shri Sadgurudev Ji gave a hearty laugh and said, “Swami Nijatmanand Ji is in truth, a Bholey Shankar, You say that there is a mark of Trishul(trident) in his hand but if you watch the hand carefully you’ll find two such marks, that’s why I call him a Double Shankar. Swami Nijatmanand’s devotion is beyond any doubt and is completely devoid of cunning or conceit. “This in fact, is the path of love which knows no rules or laws and is beyond the reach of logic or reasoning.” In this manner the Master continued to glorify the spirit of devotion to guru as was his style.
The Tuesday Fast…Power equal to four ‘Hanuman’
Shri Sadgurudev Ji(Second Guru) arrived at Bhakhrewali Ashram from Chakauri around January 1934. The devotees were excited by His arrival there. One day the reverred mother of Fourth Guru (Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji Maharaj) also came to attend the spiritual discourse. At the conclusion as per practice sacred Prasad was distributed. The honourable lady prayed to be blessed with some Prasad at the hands of Shri Sadgurudev Ji, who was indeed kind enough to to oblige her. By chance, she was keeping a fast, and as such food is taken at the in the last part of the day. She thought that she would partake the Prasad at home after feeding cow and the Brahmin. She did not realize the sanctity of the sacred Prasad she got from the holy hands of Shri Sadgurudev Ji Himself.
Now look at the strange act of Shri Sadgurudev ji. She got astray from the much familiar path she used to take on her frequent visits to the Ashram and began to wander here and there. For almost an hour she continued to search the right path but all in vain. She didn’t ask any one as she was resident there for the past 40 years. She was afraid what the people would say about her straying, but soon she struck with the thought that it was all due to disrespect shown to the Prasad of Shri Sadgurudev ji. Instantly she ate Prasad with mind focused on the holy feet of Shri Sadgurudev ji. And at the same moment she found herself standing on the path that led to her village. Now instead of returning home she came back to Ashram where she begged Shri Sadgurudev Ji for His kind forgiveness. At that time the revered Lord also declared that your son has spiritual power equivalent to four Hanumans. These words absolutely proved true and the time itself has tested. Thereafter, she headed towards home. In shortwhile, the whole sangat came to know of inexplicably wonderful and fathomless doing of revered Shri Sadgurudev Ji.
Collection of Discourses
Shri Sadgurudev Ji‘s discourses and Satsang began to shower nectar here, quenching the thirst of long-parched souls. One day Swami Vairaganand Ji, Swami Satgurudewanand Ji, Swami Gurudarshnanand Ji and Shri Maharaj Ji (Four Guru) consulted themselves to put the holy discourses in black and white. The other Swamis have this responsibility to Shri Maharaj Ji (fourth guru) saying, “As soon as the Master (Second Guru) starts his discourses, you also start writing it down. And this work must be undertaken now. It’s a matter of regret that this great task couldn’t be accomplished earlier, so short-sighted we have been in this respect. The priceless words of Sadgurudev Ji are a great boon to the whole world.”
Shri Maharaj Ji set out to do this service from that very day. The Omniscient Master seemed to be aware of it right on the first day. During the course of his discourse once he looked at me, saying, “What are you doing? Composing a poem, or a song, perhaps?’ Shri Maharaj ji rose at his seat and humbly submitted, “O the Lord of my life! This humble slave of yours is putting down your secret words.” Shri Sadgurudev Ji said, “You thought of doing this only now, so late! But it’s good that you are awakened from a deep slumber, at long last. Remember, the word of the guru is the guru himself. One who carelessly forgets the guru’s word doesn’t deserve to be called a guru’s disciple. Our words are related to the concentration of Dhyana, and as and when you remember these words, you’ll make progress in Dhayana. So began to build up a reservoir of such spiritual thought right from now.
Remember, our satsang, our satsangs will never come to an end even though you may go on recording them, yet you may carry on with the practice in your devotion. We can foresee, and hereby command, that these written records will be of much use in future.”
As such Shri Maharaj Ji collected all his discourses and a time had come when Shri Maharaj Ji authored a spiritual book named “Shri Swarup Darshan” famous world-wide are readily available at all Adwait Swarup Ashrams.
Immortal Words
At Sindh the climate of place did not suit many of the Mahatmas and they fell ill with fever. Shri Sadgurudev Ji then declared, “Any Sadhu who is able to return to Punjab hale and hearty will be deemed to have crossed the wordly ocean.” His words, in fact. The gospel truth. In those days the fourth guru (Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji) also had fallen prey to the brain fever.
The Fourth Guru himself narrated the acts in his own words:-
Though I remained under the treatment of a physician, Dr. Kanshi Ram, my health didn’t improve. The doctor one day even announced that I would not survive, as my condition had become rather critical. Shri Sadgurudev Ji sent for the doctor and bade him to continue the treatment. The doctor prayed, “I’ve no medicine for a dead-body; he wouldn’t survive in any case.”Shri Sadgurudev Ji gave the doctor an injunction, “Though you may have to revive even a dead-body, you have to do it. Administer to him any medicine that would do the trick.’
The medicine was given in the name only. In fact, it was due to the kindness of the gracious Lord, that I regained my sense a little, to the utter amazement of the doctor. Soon I was on the way to complete recovery. At the behest of the Lord, some Mahatmas picked me up and carried me unto the holy feet due to my physical weakness. At that moment, the Compassionate Lord put his tender hand over my head and declared: “This is his second birth now, as the body of the earlier Sar Shabdanand is no more.” In addition to it, Shri Sadgurudev Ji rather, quietly, proclaimed that this body will continue to exist for fifty years more, but the whole sangatwas able to hear these immortal words as well as some other words, which are quite difficult to fathom by short-sighted men like me.”
The Fruit of Willfulness
Once Shri Sadgurudev Ji sent Shri Maharaj Ji on some businesses to Chinyot in Distt. Jhang from Chakauri.
The fourth guru narrated the event in his own writings:-
“Obeying the command, I went to Village Jahangir from Chinyot. This village was at a distance of about eleven miles from Lyallpur. Only a dusty road led upto the place, and I had some money too, on my person. Having had my breakfast. I started from Jahangir Village to go to Lyallpur on a tonga, which ahd some other passengers also.
We had barely moved a short distance, when I felt my eye-sight had completely gone. “O the giver-one! What kind of a blessing is this? Why am turned blind?” I prayed to the lotus feet in my mind. I had a fear also lest the co-passenger should snatch the sangat-money I had with me, “How far is it unto Lyallpur?” I asked the tonga-wallah and he said, “Still four miles to go. The slave then silently prayed, “O, the Benevolent Lord! You are merciful; you are the giver of inner light too. For what am I being punished thus?
Then a thought suddenly flashed across my mind. Shri Sadurudev Ji had commanded me to go unto Chinyot only. But I had spent a couple of days at village Gokhuwal with some relations, without permission, of course. Certainly this punishment is in lieu of that crime. I strained my eyes several times, yet nothing could be seen. None of the co-passengers could know of the development. I said to the tonga-wallah, “Please drop me at the clock tower.” But the tanga-wallah rejoined, “The tonga will stop only at its stand in the Kutchehri Bazar. I was at a loss to know how I shall reach the house of Bhakt Gurudayal Ji, a mile away from the tanga stand. I offered silent prayers at the feet of my revered deity,” come to protect your slave, O, Gurudev, and restore my eye-sight.” The earnest petition was very kindly granted, and I was able to see slightly. And before the tanga reached its stand, my eye-sight was fully restored.”
The Lord (Second Guru) Leaves….
The Supreme preceptor, Shri Paramhans Dayal Ji (First Guru) told his favorite disciples in very clear terms five days before his departure for the ultimate abode of bliss. Similarly, our holy Lord also predicted very clearly, I have to leave on Thursday, the 9th April, early in the morning.” Then the revered Lord sent for Shri Shahbaz, an iron smith if Shri Nangli. To him the Shri Sadgurudev Ji spoke thus: “I am scheduled to leave on the morning of 9th April. After I have left, you have to remove these two girders from where they join together and also the wooden pillar that stands below supporting them. Then, converting this room into a big hall, you have to build my dwelling place in the shape of a throne, for I’ll live here on the proposed seat for all times to come. And this should be a worth-seeing place, beautiful enchanting to the loved devotees.”
On the evening of 8th April, 1936, the most adorable Lord went out for a walk as usual. Returning from there Shri Sadgurudev Ji held a brief session of satsang. Then he met the devotees who had earlier sought appointments. Pointing out to Bhakt Ram Chander Ji of Shri Nangli Sahib, the Lord proclaimed; “I’ve got four ‘Rotis’ with me. One is meant for Punjab, another one for Gwalior and two for Nangli here, as this place is very close to my heart.
The ill fated day of 9th April had to dawn at last. Early in the morning Shri Sadgurudev Ji got up and having attended to the calls of nature, he took his usual seat in his room. To his own attendants, he said, “Keep sitting outside the room, you will be called when needed.” Having said these words, he closed the door and then seated himself on his well adorned cot in the posture of ‘Padmasan’ As such the most revered, the most adorable ruler of the hearts had attained the state of ‘Mahanrivaan’ (freedom from the material existence). All the mahatmas and devotees present there burst into piteous cries of wailing rent the air. The followers rushed to Meerut to send telegrams to other prominent Ashrams.
Shedding warm tears and heaving cold sighs of sheer grief. Shri Swami Nijatmanand Ji and Swami Abhedanand Ji finally gave Samadhi to the sacred body at Shri Nangli Sahib as per his sacred testaments in which Sadgurudev Ji had expressed his wish to remain in Shri Nangli Sahib.
In service of a perfect Saint
Swami Sar Shabdanand Ji Maharaj developed immense love and affection for the sacred feet of the Shri Sadgurudev Ji (Second Guru) and Shri Swami Ji(Third Guru) and entrusted himself completely to Their care. The both Gurus were extremely happy with the spirit of renunciation and service of Shri Maharaj Ji. Shri Maharaj Ji spent six years in the sacred service of Shri Sadgurudev Ji. His mind was rapt in the thought of the Master and remained lost in His thoughts and also remained twenty two years in fully absorbed in the devotion and service to the Third Guru.
He used to contribute his time in Langar for the devotees. A matchless example of love and faith that He swept the floors of the Ashrama with broom himself, worked in common kitchen for devotees, fetched water etc. him with great devotion, faith and humility. He had love for and devotion to the Master from the depth of his heart and rendered personal service to the Master also. He served the congregation by his experienced spiritual discourses. Arrange bedding etc. from house to house for the adequate rest of the devotees visiting from far flung areas.
In those days Shri Maharaj Ji suffered from eye disease and due to busy schedule in service of the Guru, no treatment or medicine was arranged as a result continuing pain
For four-five days made him think that Shri Swami Ji did care for my illness. In the meantime, a devotee came with eye-tonic (a surma an ayurvedic medicine) presented to Shri Swami Ji as initial preprartion and prayed Swami Ji that after your use it shall be distributed among common men. At this Shri Swami Ji hapily replied, “I didn’t require it, better give it to Sar Shabdanand, he was feeling restless because of deep eye pain and swelling.” Shri Maharaj Ji immediately bowed at the sacred feet of Swami Ji and begged for his kind forgiveness. The compassionate Master comforted him with certain guidelines.
Shri Maharaj Ji’s Greatness difficult to narrate…
Shri Maharaj ji, indeed a personality of the highest order, the sun among the saints. He set that ideal in the world, the parallel of which is rare to find. As the importance of Guru’s ‘Naam’ is indescribable, so is His greatness. The peculiarity of His life was to encourage and inspire the devotees and the seekers to render selfless service along with meditation. There are so many books/granths to his credit which aimed at
-self realization
- Character building
- Unconditional love towards God
And selfless service to the society.
The Guru reveals the secret of this knowledge to His able disciple. Spiritual knowledge transfuse from one heart to another since inception. The fact is that- Guru Himself is like pares who turns the disciple also into pares. As soon as the disciple becomes fully virtuous and worthy in every way, lye entrusts all His power to Him and Himself returns to His abode. Thus the Fourth Guru had attained the highest stage on the path of Bhakti and had become entitled to the full blessings and the pleasure of Second as well as Third Guru.
Our Mission besides rendering religious services to the mankind, the other services being provided to the society since inception:-
-Free Charitable Dispensary at all Ashrams
-Free distribution of food for poor (daridar narayan sewa)
Shri Maharaj Ji established various Ashrams in different parts of the Country only in compliance to the wishes of Second Guru-Shri Shri 1008 Swami Swarupanand Ji Maharaj.
Althoush Sar Shabd Mission came into existence in the year 1972 but the foundations of various Ashrams in the name of Shri Adwait Swarup Ashram taking shape since 1954.
The brief pictures of Ashrams beginning has been described below:-
S. No. Name of the City Day Date Year 
1 Kanpur Ashram     1954
2 Jalandhar Ashram Friday  08th March 1955
3 Delhi Ashram Sunday 13th April 1958
4 Tibbad Ashram Wednesday 04th November 1964
5 Kaithal Ashram Saturday 02nd July 1971
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